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Program Improvement Plan

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Section 123(b)(1-5) of the Perkins Legislation provides for Local Program Improvement process. The basic parameters of the requirements are based on the performance data identified in Section 113 [Accountability Data]. If an eligible recipient does not meet 90% of the state goal the “. . . eligible recipient shall develop and implement a program improvement plan . . . during the first program year succeeding the program year for which the eligible recipient failed to meet any of the core indicators of performance.”

Based upon the 2017-18 performance data, a performance plan for measures not met is due during the 2018-19 program year. This improvement plan is to be included, along with any progress made, with the local application for the 2019-20 year.

The improvement plan must include categories of students for which there were quantifiable disparities or gaps in performance compared to all students or any other category of students.

The following is a list of Local Education Agencies (LEAs) failing to meet 90% of the state goal and, thus, required to submit a performance improvement plan.


Secondary Program Improvement Plan (PIP)
Consortium or School 1S1 1S2 2S1 3S1 4S1 5S1 6S1 6S2
ESU 01 X X X
ESU 02 X X
ESU 03 X X
ESU 04 X
ESU 07 X X
ESU 08 X X
ESU 09 X
ESU 10 X X
ESU 11
ESU 13 X X
ESU 15 X X
ESU 16 X X
ESU 17
Alliance Public Schools X X X
Bellevue Public Schools X X X X
Columbus Public Schools X X X X
Elkhorn Public Schools X X
Fremont Public Schools X X X X
Gering Public Schools X X
Grand Island Public Schools X X X X X
Hastings Public Schools X X X X
Kearney Public Schools X X X
Lexington Public Schools X X X X
Lincoln Public Schools X X
Millard Public Schools X
Norfolk Public Schools X X X
North Platte Public Schools X X
Omaha Public Schools X X X X
Papillion-LaVista Schools X
Ralston Public Schools X X
Scottsbluff Public Schools X X X X
So Sioux City Community Schools X X X
Westside Community Schools X
STATE GOAL 73.00 63.75 90.00 98.00 98.90 97.25 43.62 29.00



Postsecondary Program Improvement Plan (PIP)

Consortium or Institute







Central Community College
Metro Community College X
Mid-Plains Community College
Nebraska College of Tech Agriculture X X
Northeast Community College
Southeast Community College X
Western Nebraska Community College X X
STATE GOAL 91.50 41.50 75.00 71.00 25.00 16.50


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