Frequently Asked Questions

Postsecondary Accountability

Frequently Asked Questions

What CTE data needs to be reported each year?

There are two primary aspects for reporting postsecondary data that relate to CTE:

  1. The Postsecondary Perkins Students Template: This file collects sets of students that are enrolled in an institution during a certain academic year, and that are relevant to Perkins reporting (including all CTE Participants and Concentrators as defined here). A Postsecondary Enrollment record must be submitted for each student appearing in the Perkins Students template.
  2. The Postsecondary Perkins Courses Template: This file collects the entire course history, though the end of the reporting academic year, for each of the students listed in the Perkins Students file. At a minimum, all courses with an REU Course Weight of 1.5 of 2.0 should be reported. A Perkins Students record must first be submitted for each student appearing in the Perkins Courses file.

*Keep in mind the Postsecondary Enrollment Template as well as the Postsecondary Academic Awards Template must also be submitted by all Postsecondary institutions to avoid a data loading process rejection.


  • Data submission includes all students who earn credit in at least one Career and Technical Education course.
  • All courses related to occupational training should be weighted at least at a 1.5, per the Nebraska Community College State Aid Enrollment FTE/REU Guidelines document.

Where can I find the file specification templates?

Postsecondary file specifications can be found here

When and where do I submit these data?

The data collection timeline can be found here: Data Collection Timeline.

Data should be submitted via the Postsecondary Data Manager, located within the NDE Portal. A User’s Guide can be found here: Postsecondary Data Manager User Guide.

Additional information can be found on the Nebraska P-20 Technical Group’s website.

If you need help obtaining activation codes or navigating the site, the NDE Helpdesk can be reached at 888-285-0556 or

Who can I talk to if I still have CTE data questions?

Katie Graham is the NCE Data, Research, and Evaluation Specialist. She can be reached at 402-471-3104 or


Updated December 23, 2019 10:57am