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Chapter Awards & Applications

FFA serves as the recognition component of an agricultural education program.  Chapters may apply for a variety of awards and recognition programs at the state level.  Click below to access application materials for chapter programs.

The National Chapter Award program recognizes FFA chapters that successfully complete an annual Program of Activities (PoA), which includes a series of activities designed to encourage its members to Grow Leaders, Build Communities, and Strengthen Agriculture.

In order to qualify for a state or national award, your chapter must complete at least 15 activities – one for each of the five quality standards in each of the three divisions (Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strengthening Agriculture). Additionally, the chapter must meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the National Quality Chapter Standards.

State Superior Chapter Award

Every chapter that meets the minimum quality chapter standards and completes Form I will qualify as a state superior chapter. To do this, chapters need to conduct one activity related to each quality standard in addition to meeting the minimum criteria outlined in the National Quality Chapter Standards. Chapters receive a superior chapter certificate each year they achieve this level. The chapter will also be eligible to compete for their state’s Gold, Silver and Bronze chapter awards.

State Gold, Silver and Bronze Chapter Awards
To compete for state gold, silver or bronze awards, chapters must qualify for the superior chapter award and complete Form II. Chapters use Form II to report goals, plans of action and results/evaluation on three activities for each division. State judges rank the chapters as gold, silver or bronze based on the rubric. Chapters receive a multi-year plaque and yearly plaque inserts, commonly known as spurs, specifying the level achieved each year.

The state’s top three gold chapter award winners (or the number equal to 10 percent of the state’s total number of chapters, if that number is higher) are eligible to compete for the National FFA Star Chapter Awards.


Timeline, Tips and Submission

The application process begins at the state level, with applications due to the Nebraska FFA state office by March 1.

View a (12 minute) video about completing the application here.

Submit applications (Form I and Form II content) by March 1 here.


Resources for the National Chapter Award Program

 Learn more about the award program and how to apply by visiting the National FFA site!

The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) annually sponsors a grant program entitled “The Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Award” for local agricultural education programs and FFA chapters. Programs/chapters may apply for funds that support local projects in identified topical categories. Four $2,500 awards and fifteen $1,000 awards are available.

Applications are due by September 30th with funds distributed in October.  Awarded projects should be completed by March 1 with recognition during the Nebraska FFA Convention.

Download the application instructions now!

2018-2019 NIFA Information Form

Showcase your FFA chapter and local community!  Create a chapter booth to display at the Nebraska FFA Convention.  The chapter with best rated display will be chosen to represent Nebraska at the National FFA Convention and Expo!

Chapters must register for this event during the convention registration process.  See the details below for more information.

Hall of Chapters *National Qualifying*

FFA Chapters attending a Chapter Officer Leadership Training (COLT) Conference in May may choose to participate in one of three events in competition with the other chapters at that session.  See below for specific documents outlining each event.  Materials should be brought to COLT Conference with the Chapter.

COLT Conference: Chapter Treasurer Book Event

COLT Conference: Chapter Secretary Book Event

COLT Conference: Chapter  Scrapbook Event


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