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Calendars/Deadlines/Events 2017

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CTSO Professional Develeopment

Career Field Professional Development

February 22Intent to Participate in Perkins Funds deadline
June 30NSSRS Data Submission for the Programs Fact:Career Education and Post School Survey due
May 30Amendment submissions to the 2016-17 Perkins Grant Due
Sept 1.Local Application for 2017-18 Perkins Basic Grant due to NDE
July 1Grant Award Notification (GAN) for ¼ of annual allocation will be available online after the local application from the local education agency (LEA) has been received at NDE and approved for funding by NCE administrative staff.
October 1Amended Grant Award Notification for the full annual allocation becomes available online to LEA if a final report, performance measures data, and final claims have been received and approved by NDE. Please check the GMS to obtain the latest Grant Award Notification.
October 152016-17 Perkins Final Narrative Report and Final Claim due to NDE