Program Review Learning Module

Module 8: Program Review Learning Module

NDE has partnered with Nebraska educators and administrators to develop learning modules for schools and districts related to services for English Learners.  Each module is divided into short 3-5 minute segments. Included in each module are important resources and a facilitator’s guide for professional development purposes.  This module is designed to help school staff with the annual English learners program review and written report requirement. Segments include:

Program Review Requirements (Rule 15):  This segment reviews the annual program review and written report requirements in Rule 15.

Preparing for a Program Review:  This segment will help program administrators prepare for their district’s annual program review.

Leading a Program Review:  This segment is meant to guide a district through an actual program review.  It accompanies the program review template included in the resources.

Step-by-step guide to access the modules.

Updated February 15, 2023 10:20am