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Service Delivery Plan (SDP)

Sections 1304(b)(1) and 1306(a)(1) of the statute require the state education agency (SEA) to ensure that the state and its local operating agencies (LOAs) identify and address the special educational needs of migrant children.  Furthermore, every SEA must develop and update a written comprehensive state service delivery plan (SDP) that includes an identification and assessment of the special educational needs of migrant children.

SEAs must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment (CNA) in order to develop a comprehensive state plan for service delivery that addresses the special educational needs of migrant children. LOAs must conduct a needs assessment in order to provide services that will meet the identified needs in accordance with the comprehensive state plan for service delivery.

The SDP describes the strategies the SEA will pursue on a statewide basis to help migrant children and youth reach the performance targets the state has identified for them.  

Nebraska Service Delivery Plan 2016

Priority for Services

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