Instructional Services

Service Summary Report 2018-19

Best Practices




Services are those educational or educationally related activities that:

(1) directly benefit a migrant child;

(2) address a need of a migrant child consistent with the SEA’s comprehensive needs assessment and service delivery plan;

(3) are grounded in scientifically based research or, in the case of support services, are a generally accepted practice; and

(4) are designed to enable the program to meet its measurable outcomes and contribute to the achievement of the State’s performance targets.

SEAs and local operating agencies may use MEP funds to provide instructional services (e.g., educational activities for preschool-age children and instruction in elementary and secondary schools, such as tutoring before and after school); and support services (e.g., educationally related activities, such as advocacy for migrant children; health, nutrition, and social services for migrant families; necessary educational supplies; transportation.

Updated March 18, 2021 12:03pm