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Embracing Change – Inspiring Solutions

Featured Presentation

Human Trafficking in Nebraska
Presenters: Federico T. Vicente & Melissa Kometscher
The Salvation Army’s Fight to End Trafficking Program (SAFE-T)

SAFE-T Brochure
SAFE-T fact sheet

Sessions – May 21

Embracing Change: National, state, and local changes in the Migrant Program
Presenter: Sue Henry

Continuous Improvement Cycle: Where were we, where are we now?
Presenter: Lindsay Ickes

Migrant Student Information Exchange [MSIX]: What resources are available?
Presenter: Danielle Waite

Sessions – May 22

Session 1

Close-Up: Leadership Through Service
Presenter: Vanessa Gascon-Guarcas

NePAT: Understanding the Preschool Assessment and Utilizing the Results
Presenters: Lindsay Ickes, Suzanne Hult, & Kathleen Riley

NePAT draft 10.25.16
NePAT Assessment Tool 10.25

Show Me the Data: A Look into 2016-17
Presenter: Danielle Waite

Session 2

Family Fun in the Park
Presenters: Veronica Estevez, Monica Goodell, & Azucena Vera-Chavez

Fun at the Park Plan
Bubbles Handout

Implementing an OSY Instructional Action Plan
Presenter: Kiowa Rogers

GOSOSY Professional Development for OSY Instructors: Implementing the OSY Instructional Action Plan

OSY Instructional Action Plan

OSY Conversation Starters/Bridges to Academic Instruction

Sample OSY Instructional Action Plan: PAW

Student Scenario: Introducing Paw

Strategies for Creating an Effective Learning Environment

Student Scenario: Introducing Yordano

Young Adult Learning Resource Guide

Head, Heart, Hands and Health: A 4-H and ESU 7 Collaboration
Presenters: Cynthia Alarcon & Melinda Velecela

Session 3

Addressing the Needs of Secondary Migrant Students:  The Role of the Migrant Education Facilitator
Presenters: Amanda Levos, Suyapa Gonzalez, & Maria Trejo

Child Eligibility Under Every Student Succeeds Act
Presenter: Sue Henry

National COE Document pg 14
National COE Instructions

The Binational Teacher Exchange Program
Presenters: Kiowa Rogers, Anabel Granados, Nadia Santander, Anna Hernandez, & Suzanne Hult

Session 4

Improving Reading Achievement with Learning Together
Presenter: Suzanne Hult

Virtual Field Trips: A No-Cost, Engaging Addition to Your Academic Programs
Presenters: Alvis Mar, Kiowa Rogers, & BJ Peters

Creating Culturally Proficient Matierials
Presenters: Veronica Hill & Glenn Simonsen

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