There are many great stories to tell in Nebraska.

Every school across the state has amazing things to share.

In Waverly, elementary students wowed a captive audience  February 10th with a project-based learning event about empathy.

Commissioner Matt Blomstedt and State Board of Education member Patsy Koch Johns got front-row seats for the presentations.

Kindergarten and second grade students demonstrated problem solving and empathy as they tackled issues from safe drinking water in Africa, to world hunger, to solving the problem of kids on the playground lacking gloves and mittens.

In South Sioux City, students at Lewis and Clark Elementary put on The Great Americans Wax Museum on February 16th.

The Commissioner and State Board of Education member  Rachel Wise were able to see a demonstration of authentic  learning as fifth grade students became historical  animatronic figures complete with audience-activated start buttons. There were many famous figures portrayed at the
event including Martin Luther King, Jr., Clara Barton, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, and many others.

The students recited multiple facts while costumed as great Americans. The event demonstrated the students’ great depth of knowledge and authentic learning experiences. The students were engaged as were parents and other  guests who attended the event.