When I do a test upload of my account codes into the test site, I get an error that says “Error 101 – Invalid Agency ID.” I am using Agency IDs that have been assigned by NDE. Why is this error appearing?

There are a several possible reasons that this error is being generated after uploading your file:

  1.  The Agency ID may be incomplete.  It should be appear in this format:  XX-XXXX-XXX   which is   “County Number” – “School Number” – “School/District Level”
  2.  The Agency ID is not correct.   If your file does not include your specific Agency ID isn’t correct for your district, it will not be recognized by the system.
  3.  An Agency ID for an Alternative, SPED, or Focus Program has been included in the AFR that was uploaded.   Since there is no membership associated with this programs, no expenditures can be reported with that Agency ID.  Expenditures for these schools/programs must be allocated back to the individual student’s originating school.