I got errors on the AFR Upload. How do I resolve these errors so I can complete the upload?

There are several possible issues –

  • Corrupt File: The  AFR Flat File might be corrupt or not formatted correctly. Re-upload a new csv file from your financial software.
  • Invalid Account Codes:  An invalid account code appears in your csv upload file.
    • Compare the list generated in the error message to the 2018/19 Master Account Code list.
      • Review the Function Code and the Object Code description in the Users’ Manual
      • If the account code doesn’t not appear in the 2018/19 Master Account Code List, you will need to find a code on the 2018/19 Master Account Code List that will fit your purpose.  You also may have to contact your vendor if you are unable to make the correction.
  • Invalid Agency IDs:  District or School ID number do not match NDE’s school ID numbers.