How would we code a purchase of a virtual server for our active directory, file services, print server, etc.? How would we code the server software?

The Capitalization Threshold for district purchases is $5000.  So any individual item with a cost of $5000 or more is considered capital outlay and would be coded in the Object Code 700 series.  Items costing less than $5000 would be coded as 610 General Supplies.

The function code for this purchase would be 2580 Administrative Technology Services.  As for the individual components, use Object Code 734 Technology-Related Hardware for items that were $5000 or more.  If the cost for each is less than $5000, use 610 General Supplies.

Server software costing $5000 or more would be coded as 735 Technology Software.  If the software costs less than $5000, use 610 General Supplies.