We have a non-certified staff member that handles all of our technology issues in the district. Should his salary be coded to 1110-116 Technical Staff or 1100-116 Professional, Non-Certified Staff?

Since this is a question from a small district, this staff member probably provides technology support for both instructional and administrative.

The appropriate function code would not be in the 1100s – Regular Instruction.  Code into one the following function codes.    You could allocate his salary based on the percentage of his time spent:

  • 2230 Instruction-Related Technology
  • 2580 Administrative Technology Services

Here is how you would determine the appropriate object code for this staff member:

  • 114: Technical Staff – This would likely be used in districts that do not have a large separate staff to provide tech support for the district.
  • 116: Professional Non-Certificated Staff – This would be used in large districts that have a separate staff that provides support for the district.  The person that is considered the Technology Director would be coded as 116.