NET FORCE Entrepreneurship Awards Recipients – 2012 to Present (PDF)

2018 Award Program Criteria (PDF)

Awards nomination form is at this link:
Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday, October 1, 2018.
Questions can be directed to Gregg Christensen, 402.471.4337,

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is open to individuals or organizations that have demonstrated sustained and outstanding leadership and advocacy for entrepreneurship education and/or business development services In Nebraska.  The leadership and advocacy should have been at a level beyond a specific community or organization.


  • Passion for entrepreneurship education and business development services in Nebraska.
  • Outstanding leadership and guidance in entrepreneurship education and/or business development services in Nebraska
  • Advocacy for entrepreneurship education and/or business development services. 
  • Contributions to entrepreneurship education and/or business development services including technical assistance and training over a sustained period of time.
  • Leadership and advocacy should have been beyond a specific community or organization in Nebraska.      


Gregg Christensen Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award is the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Task Force’s highest honor.  This award recognizes and honors outstanding educators, community leaders, community volunteers/mentors, elected officials and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated a zeal and commitment to advance entrepreneurship and/or entrepreneurship education that has demonstrated significant impact in Nebraska. Hall of Fame recipients must have distinguished themselves for their advocacy of entrepreneurship as a key driver of local, state and national economic vitality and as a way to improve our quality of life and inspire creativity and innovation and entrepreneurship. (Adapted from Entrepreneurship Education Consortium Hall of Fame Criteria)


  • Outstanding leadership and guidance in advancing the entrepreneurial eco-system in Nebraska.
  • Noteworthy advocacy for entrepreneurship as a key driver of economic vitality at the state and/or national levels
  • Demonstrated commitment to entrepreneurship-focused education and/or economic development in Nebraska over an extended period of time.
  • Evidence of proficiency in building partnerships and making positive impacts upon the entrepreneurial climate in Nebraska.
  • Documentation of tangible work products that have resulted in innovation in the practice of entrepreneurship-focused education and/or economic development.
  • Outstanding leadership and guidance in creating an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship in the state.


Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year

Recipients of the award should have made significant contributions toward the organization, implementation, development or evaluation of entrepreneurship education in Nebraska. The educator’s achievements may be from one or more of the following areas: classroom instruction, community-based learning, mentoring programs, internships, and/or student organization leadership.


Outstanding service to the field of entrepreneurship education.  This service might include:

  • Infusion of entrepreneurship education into existing courses.
  • Development, leadership and/or support of separate courses in entrepreneurship.
  • Partnerships with business, industry, agency and trade associations, and bringing together diverse groups whose interests foster economic development through entrepreneurship education.
  • Outreach to community members to enhance understanding of entrepreneurship as a viable career option and driving force of economic development.
  • Encouraging teacher education institutions and accrediting groups to incorporate competencies of entrepreneurship into teacher training curricula.
  • Participation in or leadership of research that recognizes successful ventures into entrepreneurship.
  • Incorporation of the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education into course development and program planning.
  • Sharing successful educational activities, programs and strategies with colleagues and other educational professionals.
  • Promoting the incorporation of entrepreneurial concepts into instructional and school counseling/guidance/advisement activities.
  • Leadership and/or involvement in National Entrepreneurship Week activities or other activities to promote entrepreneurship at the local, area, regional, national or international levels.
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