The Nebraska Entrepreneurship Task Force (NET Force) is an actively engaged group of collaborating partners focused on the high income, high skill and high demand entrepreneurial career opportunities available to Nebraska’s youth and adults.


NET Force identifies and leverages resources to educate, engage and empower current and potential entrepreneurs.


  • Increasing access to and utilizing entrepreneurship curriculum
  • Expanding education and training opportunities
  • Identifying, coordinating and leveraging resources for ongoing support of Nebraska entrepreneurs
  • Locating and securing funding to further the mission
  • Increasing the marketing and outreach of entrepreneurial programs and services in the state

Why focus on entrepreneurship in Nebraska?

  • 60 percent of Nebraskans ages 18-29 are interested in starting businesses
  • Among the 300,000+ Nebraskans ages 18-29, there are about 84,000 with genuine interest in starting a business.
  • 91 percent of adult Nebraskans with children believe entrepreneurship is a positive career choice.
  • 85 percent of Nebraskans feel it is important or very important for colleges to teach entrepreneurship.

Most new jobs created in the United States come from the creative efforts of entrepreneurs engaged in endeavors ranging from micro-businesses to large-scale ventures.

Updated September 19, 2018 3:18pm