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University of Nebraska – Lincoln Folio Review

University of Nebraska – Lincoln Folio Review

State Program Approval

Off-Site Folio Review for University of Nebraska – Lincoln

June 20, 2017 – 9:00 a.m.
Country Inn & Suites – Nebraska Room
5353 N 27th St
Lincoln, NE 68521

Meeting Materials


Folio Reviewer Contact List

Rule 20 Folio Review Training Outline

Rule 20 Matrix Template

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

The UNL website link is:  All Rule 24 folios are posted, as well as the Rule 20 Folio.  No password is required.

Reviewer Report Forms – for use at the folio review meeting

Rule 20 Folio Reviewer Instructions

Rule 20 Review Form

Rule 24 Folio Reviewer Instructions

Rule 24 Advanced Program Folio Review Report Form

Rule 24 Regular Folio Review Report Form