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For information contact:

  • Special Education – Krishna Jorgensen- 402-554-3355 –
  • Counseling – Ann Luther – 402-554-3742 –
  • Teacher Education – Rebecca Pasco – 402-580-5480 –

Instructions for Submission

  • Applications will be prioritized for award by UNO then sent to NDE. 
  • Deadline for submission is May 4, 2018. 
  • Bring Application, Program of Study, and Checklist in person to:

For Special Education – Krishna Jorgensen – 512 Roskens Hall

For Counseling – Ann Luther – 101 Roskens Hall

For Teacher Education – Sandy Keil – 308 Roskens Hall

CHECKLIST for required information

2018-19 EETP Application is now available.

Click Below to Select a Program of Study Form:

If your program of study varies from the forms provided, you may cross out classes and substitute the actual class you are taking.

Graduate Degree Programs                                                        

Teacher Education

Program Class Requirements are found in the 2017-2018 UNO Graduate Academic Catalog

  • Elementary Education (Program Class Requirements) Concentration Areas include: Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education, ESL, Improvement of Instruction, Instructional Technology Leadership, Literacy, School Library, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math), and Urban Schools. 
  • Secondary Education (Program Class Requirements) Concentration Areas include: Bilingual Education, English, ESL, Instructional Technology Leadership, Math, Middle Level, School Library, Science, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math), Teaching and Learning, and Urban Schools.
  • Master of Science in Literacy (Program Class Requirements) – leads to eligibility for a PK-12 Reading Specialist endorsement in Nebraska

Special Education


Other Programs

Graduate Endorsement Programs

For degree programs offered outside the Teacher Education unit use this program of study form. You will need to obtain the signature of your advisor on the program of study before submitting it to Sandy Keil in Teacher Education.