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Research Evaluation and Analytics

Efforts made on focusing on conducting research and evaluation to provide a deeper understanding of the data, best practice, and supports for improving teaching and learning in Nebraska schools. The research group is also heavily involved in promoting the use of data and training for data literacy, analysis, and use among ESUs, districts, and schools.

Educational Intelligence, Data, and Analysis Services

  • Statewide assessment team
    • Psychometric reviews/consultations
  • Accountability process
    • SLDS related analytics (Poverty measure validity studies)
    • State/District/School level reporting
    • Academic Achievement as well as emotional/behavioral aspects
  • Perceptual survey rebuilding
    • Develop Survey admin framework and applications

Nebraska Education Policy Lab Research

  • NDE Research Agenda
  • Partnerships (UNO)
    • Coordination of communication with internal/external counterparts
    • Arranging/Monitoring Research collaboration

Research Review Board

  • Prioritize Research topics and administration of analyses/reporting
  • School Transformation/Accountability/Statewide assessment offices
  • Disseminating research outcomes

Research from NE SLDS Data

  • Organizing schedule/setting up research review board rules
  • Setting up an official MOU process

NDE Summer Research Internship Program

  • Outline anticipated projects, outcomes.
  • Request internal teams’ research interests and intention to get involved in the internship program
    • Areas in Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Accountability/Policy, SPED/EL, Equity, Finance etc.
    • Assign internal teams in planning mentoring/education/training sessions
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