ADVISER Early Adopter Program


The Early Adopter Program I had a total of 31 districts that were selected and are rolling out the dashboards in the 2015/16 school year. Early access to new capabilities allows users to bring the associated benefits on line for their districts faster. Looking at new offerings prior to full release also gives districts the ability to directly influence future product releases. The Early Adopter Program (EAP I) has been chosen as it has proved successfully to:

  • Identify additional requirements. At present, the majority of districts has diverse requirements and needs and may have limited concept of what the Nebraska ADVISER Dashboard solution should provide. Early adopted solutions can be designed based on current requirements, with the expectation that the use of the solution will encourage feedback that will lead to the identification of future requirements.
  • Confirm the goals and objectives. Early adoption can be used to test whether the planned solution enables NDE to meet its goals and objectives. It is often a very meaningful exercise to rollout specified features to a limited number of districts. Their feedback can help determine if additional features should be added based on actual need.
  • Promote increased awareness of a capability. One of the objectives of early adoption is to market NDE’s new Nebraska ADVISER Dashboard solution. The early adopters will help to provide a “preview” of the full deployment capability, as well as to begin to create immediate value for the students.
  • Facilitate the transition to a new environment. Early adoption will enable NDE to gauge the response of a targeted set of users to the intended final capability. Techniques used on the early adopter program can be refined to decrease the learning curve for future groups that implement the solution.
  • Mitigate technical risks. Early adoption will assist in the identification and control of technical problems to ensure stability and performance in the final production environment.
  • Test the rollout process. Early adoption programs help to ensure that the schedule that is planned for full-scale delivery is complete and scaled correctly. They can help to verify that the logistics (supplies, space, and equipment) are well planned, that the training is complete and in the right sequence, and that the required support processes are in place.
  • Early adopters of Nebraska ADVISER Dashboard will provide valuable feedback because the system will provide functionality that is real, not modeled. The overriding purpose of the early adoption program is to minimize risk and prepare for the statewide implementation.


APPLY NOW for the Early Adopter Program II

ADVISER EAP II Interest Form – for first time Nebraska districts wanting to express an interest in the ADVISER Data Dashboard

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