ADVISER Dashboard Benefits

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The Nebraska ADVISER Dashboard is a web-based view of student and staff data that provides educators with a quick and easy way to personalize instruction and make data driven decisions.  The Nebraska ADVISER Dashboard consolidates data from multiple systems which enables educators to efficiently analyze large amounts of information.  Users will benefit from the following features:

  • Consolidation of data from multiple systems and data sources

    • Integrates data from multiple systems to provide a more complete and comprehensive view of students and staff data for more robust data analysis

    • Provides timely access to student data enabling educators to quickly adjust curriculum and instruction when necessary

  • Detailed, comprehensive, and up to date student profiles
    • Daily updates of student profiles

    • Highlights and organizes students participating in each program

    • Provides easy access to each student’s contact information

    • Provides easy access to historical course and assessment performance

  • Visualization of student and staff data

    • Highlights positive trends and flags negative trends over time

    • Highlights students that are meeting attendance and discipline goals and flags those students that are struggling

    • Highlights students that are meeting goals on state assessments, local assessments and grades and flags those students that are low performing

    • Highlights students that are meeting Advanced Course criteria and flags students that are not currently enrolled in Advanced Courses to ensure high performing students are challenged in the classroom

    • Highlights students that are meeting college ready benchmarks on the three main college entrance exams – PSAT, SAT and ACT

    • Identifies students that have not taken the above college entrance exams

    • Provides easy drill down for more detail (e.g. historical data, student exception lists)

    • Improves data literacy amongst educators

    • Facilitates a culture of data driven decision making

    • Provides a comprehensive set of instructional improvement tools to meet the state’s education initiative.

    • Enables districts to efficiently identify data quality issues

  • Early warning system and intervention catalog

    • Flags students that are at-risk of dropping out based on key indicators (Attendance, Behavior, Coursework)

    • Identifies students who are at-risk of dropping out and have not been assigned an intervention

    • Identifies specific areas where the student needs improvement

    • Based on the specific areas of improvement, users assign targeted interventions to get the student back on track

    • A library of district specific interventions that users can rate for future users




Updated July 21, 2017 6:28pm