Accountability Data Mart Benefits

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The Accountability Data Mart is a subset of the Data Warehouse that organizes and aggregates specific subsets of data that are required for accountability reporting.  Users will benefit from the following features:

  • Unifies the accountability data collection requirements

    • Automates the transfer of all accountability data from the Data Warehouse

    • Streamlines the process for data validation, auditing, and updates

    • Efficient turnaround of district accountability reports via NDE Portal

  • Reduces effort and costs

    • Eliminates the district’s burden of manually organizing and submitting accountability data while also providing a transparent process for district review and approval.

    • Reduces costs and effort associated with validating accountability submissions

    • Improves data quality, and in return, reduces man hours associated with data cleansing

    • Provides a financial return from substantially-reduced accountability costs that can be directed toward teaching and learning initiatives

    • Enables districts to redirect efforts toward the continuous improvement of student outcomes

  • Security

    • District’s accountability data is only accessible by the district users.

    • State and other users have access to aggregate data which is not identifiable to an individual


Updated July 21, 2017 6:28pm