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Mental Health Promotion For All (Tier 1)

Mental health promotion services and supports (Tier 1) are mental health-related  activities, including promotion of positive social, emotional, and behavioral skills and  well-being, which are designed to meet the needs of all students regardless of whether  or not they are at risk for mental health problems. 

 School Mental Health Quality Guide Mental Health Promotion Services & Supports (Tier  1) 

This document is part of a collection of resources developed by the National Center for  School Mental Health (NCSMH) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine for The  SHAPE System. The Quality Guides provide guidance to help school mental health  systems advance the quality of their services and supports. This guide contains  background information on mental health promotion services, best practices, possible  action steps, examples from the field, and resources. 

Colorado Department of Education’s Mental Health Education Literacy Resource Bank 

The Colorado Department of Education created a mental health education literacy  resource bank that includes programs that are evidence-based, research-based or  promising programs. 

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