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Funding a School-Based Mental Health Program

Funding a School-Based Mental Health Program 

Successful partnerships linking students to mental health services can be financed  through a variety of local, state, and federal funding streams. Listed below are resources   to help you explore various funding streams that can support collaborations that link  students to mental health services and evidence-based therapies as needed. 


School Mental Health Quality Guide Funding & Sustainability
  Provides guidance to help school mental health programs advance the quality of their  services and supports. This guide contains background information on funding and  sustainability, best practices, possible action steps, examples from the field, and  resources.

ESSA and Implications for School Mental Health  

PowerPoint presentation on how to utilize ESSA funds to support a School-Based  Mental Health Program   


Financing School-Based Mental Health Services during a State Budget Crisis 

This webinar, led by health care financing expert Dr. Adam Wilk, discusses  economic challenges in the context of school and school district leaders’ efforts to  finance school mental health programs. Leaders must look for opportunities to sustain  these programs using new funding (e.g., federal) sources and, when possible, anticipate  which previously counted-on funding sources may see the largest cuts.   

Updated February 14, 2023 11:15am