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Early Intervention and Treatment (Tiers 2 & 3)

Early Intervention and Treatment (Tiers 2 & 3) 

Early intervention services and supports (Tier 2) to address mental health concerns are  provided for students who have been identified through needs assessments,  screening, referral or other teaming processes as experiencing mild distress, functional   impairment, or being at risk for a given problem or concern. When mental health needs  are identified early and supports put in place, positive youth development is promoted  and the chronicity and severity of mental health concerns can be eliminated or reduced.  

 School Mental Health Quality Guide Early Intervention and Treatment Services &  Supports (Tiers 2 & 3) 

This document is part of a collection of resources developed by the National Center for  School Mental Health (NCSMH) for The SHAPE System. The Quality Guides provide  guidance to help school mental health systems advance the quality of their services and  supports. This guide contains background information on tiers 2 and 3 for early  intervention and treatment services and supports, best practices, possible action steps,  examples from the field, and resources. 

Updated August 23, 2021 8:58am