NSCAS Assessibility

NSCAS Accessibility Manual DRAFT 11.2.17

Alternate Standards Documents

Alternate Assessment Information


NSCAS Accommodations Documents:

2016-2017 NeSA Approved Accomodations Document

2016-2017 Scribing Transcription Protocol for NeSA Text-Dependent Analysis

2016-2017 Guide for Including English Language Learners in the NeSA Tests

2015-2016 English Language Learners Testing Accommodations (Trainer’s Power Point)

2011 Analysis of Accommodations for Nebraska Students with Disabilities (Carla Osberg)

Analysis of Accommodations for Limited English Proficient Students (prepared by John L. Moon)

NeSA Accommodations Guidelines: How to Select, Administer, and Evaluate Accommodations for Instruction of Students with Disabilities (Updated November 2011)

Text to Speech Audio Instructions (Practice Test)


NSCAS Alternative Assessment Information:

Alternative Assessment Parent Pamphlet

Alternate Assessment Criteria/Checklist



Assessment Home

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Check 4 Learning

2015 C4L Administrator Days

2015 C4L Administrator Days Presentation

C4L AQuESTT Presentation

2015 C4L AQuESTT Presentation

2015-2016 C4L

The 2014-2015 Check4Learning system is up and running. Questions and feedback should be directed to Jeremy Heneger (jeremy.heneger@nebraska.gov, 402-471-2818). Concerns about specific items can also be sent to Jeremy.

2016-2017 MOU

C4L Training & Manuals

User Guide for Administrators with Educator Scoring

Updated Appendix A: Uploading Multiple Students

User Guide for Teachers with Educator Scoring

Check4Learning Technology User Guide

C4L Instructional Video Series

Segment 1: Agenda, Additional Material, eDirect and Sign In (run time 8:43)

Segment 2: Managing Teacher and Student Accounts (run time 7:04)

Segment 3: Navigating the System, Item Bank (run time 6:17)

Segment 4: Creating Math and Science Tests, Sharing Tests (run time 11:55)

Segment 5: Creating a Reading Test, Sharing Tests (run time 13:41)

Segment 6: Creating Student Groups, Creating a Test Session (run time 9:15)

Segment 7: Post Test Session (unlock/regenerate/reports) (run time 8:19)

Segment 8: Taking Tests (run time 6:45)

DRC Training Material

Check4Learning Training (recording)

Check4Learning Preview (PowerPoint)

Check4Learning Training (PowerPoint)


C4L Overview Documents:

Example File Regarding Naming Conventions

C4L Graphic library

How Districts are Using C4L – PowerPoint

Updated March 2013C4L Reading Passage Inventory– This spreadsheet includes all active reading passages in the C4L system and the number of items associated with the passage broken down by indicator. Each grade is a separate tab in the spreadsheet.

C4L Science Item Inventory Posted December 2013

C4L Math Item Inventory Posted December 2013

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge:


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NSCAS Mathematics

NeSA Math Table of Specifications 2018

Grade 7

NeSA CCR Math Table of Specifications Crosswalks

NeSA CCR Math Paper/Pencil Practice Test


Spanish Version


NeSA CCR Math Item & Scoring Samplers

NeSA Math Samplers


NeSA Alternate Math Samplers


Math Extended Indicators

Grade 11


Math Transition Presentations/PowerPoints

October 2016 NeSA Math Presentation

October 6, 2016 Math Transition


2017 NeSA-Mathematics Calculator Policy

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Link to Nebraska ACT

ACT Schedule of Events ACT-NE 2017-18

Additional NDE Documents for ACT

ACT accommodations-ACT and English Learners FAQ 2017 Spring Administration

Nebraska ACT Accommodations Crosswalk

Nebraska ACT Standards Alignment Report by ACT

ACT Accommodations Documentation Sample

Non-district ACT Test Sites (Rule 18/Interim Program/ESU Alt)

College & Career Ready Writing Presentation from AQuESTT Conference (includes NeSA-TDA and ACT Writing) April 2017


Assessment Home




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Assessment A to Z list

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Contact Us

Assessment Team

Dr. Valorie Foy, Director
Phone: 402.471.2495 Fax: 402.471.4311
E-mail: valorie.foy@nebraska.gov

Jeremy Heneger, Assistant Director 
Phone: 402.471.2818 Fax: 402.471.4311
E-mail: jeremy.heneger@nebraska.gov

Dr. John Moon, NeSA Project Manager
Phone: 402.471.1685 Fax: 402.471.4311 
E-mail: john.moon@nebraska.gov

Rhonda True, Enhanced Assessment Grant Coordinator
Phone: 402.471.2947 Fax: 402.471.4311 
E-mail: rhonda.true@nebraska.gov

Terry Ough, NAEP Coordinator
Phone: 402.471.2959 Fax: 402.742.8302
E-mail: terry.ough@nebraska.gov

Iris Owens, ACT Coordinator
Phone: 402.471.4316 Fax: 402.471.4311
E-mail: iris.a.owens@act.org

Virginia Manley, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 402.471.4332 Fax: 402.742.2319 
E-mail: virginia.manley@nebraska.gov

Tyrina Webster, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 402.471.2495 Fax: 402.742.2319 
E-mail: tyrina.webster@nebraska.gov

Statewide Assessment Questions

NeSA Testing Questions, submit forms, test unlock questions:


Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)

Help Desk for Nebraska Districts- Phone 855-225-9926

NDE Customer Service: NWEANebraska@nwea.org

For inquires about TestWiz, contact:
Phone: (877) 456-8949 Email: TestWiz@CerticaSolutions.com


General Inquiries

Phone: 800.553.6244, ext. 2800

Website: Contact Us 

Iris Owens, ACT On-site Coordinator

Phone: 402.471.4316 Fax: 402.471.4311

E-mail: iris.a.owens@act.org

Customer service hours (excluding ACT holidays):
Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time

Toll Free: 866.342.6280

ACT Online Prep

Phone: 319-337-1429
Email: actonlineprep@act.org


Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)

NeSA Customer Service: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST

Toll Free: 866.342.6280

DRC Fax: 763.268.2540

NDE Customer Service: necustomerservice@datarecognitioncorp.com

NDE Help Desk- Questions about the Portal or NSSRS

To reach the NDE Help Desk, please call: 888.285.0556 or e-mail: nde.helpdesk@nebraska.gov

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Statewide Assessment Timeline


For ACT Timeline, see: ACT Schedule of Events

Last updated Aug. 1, 2016

July 2016
  • NeSA-RMS Reports Interpretive Guide Available July 5
  • NeSA-RMS Reports Recording available July 8
  • Provide District Access to Preliminary NeSA-RMS Reports and Data Files in eDIRECT July 13
  • Districts upload ISR Enrolled School Data Files to eDIRECT July 13-August 10
  • 2016-2017 Check4Learning Window -Administration Available in eDirect and INSIGHT, including Test Setup July 22-June 30, 2017
August 2016
  • Districts have Access to Final NeSA-W and NeSA-RMS Reports and Data Files in eDIRECT August 24
  • DRC TSM Release August 1
  • DRC post NeSA-Practice Test Administration Manual August 30
  • DRC post NeSA-Practice Test eDIRECT User Guide August 30
September 2016
  • Post NeSA Practice Test Administration recording September 6
  • 2016-2017 NeSA- Practice Test Window—Administration Available in eDIRECT and INSIGHT, including Test Setup September 15-June 30, 2017
  • Deliver Printed NeSA and NeSA-AA Individual Student Reports September 16
  • Post NeSA Enrollments Recording September 26
October 2016
  • NeSA Enrollments Window October- 3-14
  • Math Transition Professional Development Sessions
    • October 11: Gearing, Gering Civic Center
    • October 12: Kearney, Younes Center
    • October 13: Norfolk, Lifelong Learning Center
    • October 18: Lincoln, Downtown Holiday Inn
    • October 19: Omaha, DC Centre
  • Release NeSA-Math Item Samplers October 21
November 2016
  • DRC will upload Student PreID Information for C4L and Practice Tests November 4 (Districts can do this themselves earlier)
December 2016
  • NeSA-CCR Math Practice Test—Administration Available in eDIRECT and INSIGHT, including Test Setup December 12-June 30, 2017
  • NeSA-ELA/M/S Paper/Pencil Test Manual(s) available December 19
January 2017
  • NeSA-ELA/M/S Online Test Administration Manual available January 4
  • Districts provide student information to NSSRS for NeSA-ELA/M/S- January 18
February 2017
  • ELPA21 Window opens-February 6-March 17, 2017
  • NeSA-ELA/M/S and NeSA-AA Test Administration Training (Paper/Pencil and AA—9-10 AM on 2/14 and 3-4 PM on 2/15. Online—2:30-4 on 2/14 and 9-10:30 AM on 2/15)
  • Post NeSA-ELA/M/S Test eDIRECT User Guide February 17
  • eDIRECT Test Setup for NeSA-ELA/M/S Available to Districts February 20-May 5, 2017
  • NeSA-ELA/M/S and NeSA-AA Paper/Pencil Materials Delivered to Schools February 20
March 2017
  • ELPA21 Window closes-March 17
  • NeSA-ELA/M/S and NeSA-AA Testing Window March 20 – May 5, 2017
April 2017
May 2017
  • NeSA-ELA/M/S testing window closes May 5
  • Districts ship NeSA-ELA/M/S paper/pencil materials to DRC May 10



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2017-18 Testing Dates

ELPA21 Window-February 5-March 16, 2018

NeSA-English Language Arts, Math, Science Window

Grades 3-8, General and Grades 3-8 & 11, Alternate

March 19-April 27, 2018

Make-up week April 30-May 4, 2018

Statewide Testing Dates (Grade 11)
ACT Test Dates

Paper Testing DatePaper Accommodations Testing Window
April 3, 2018April 3-April 17, 2018
Paper Testing Make-Up DateOnline Testing Window
April 24, 2018April 3-April 12, 2018 (Tues,Weds,Thurs Only)

Questions? Need Help?

Click here for NDE and DRC Contact Information

2017 NSCAS Accessibility Manual DRAFT

NSCAS Accessibility Manual Draft 11.2.17


ACT Training PowerPoint November 2017- ACT

NDE ACT Presentation November 2017 PowerPoint


Standards, Assessment and Accountability Updates

SAA Update 19 (Spring 2017) 

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