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Adult Education Nebraska Department of Education
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Tate Lauer
AE Director/GED® Administrator
Phone: 402/471-4807

Jim Lukesh
Consultant, Adult Education
Phone: 402/471-4806

Marisol Birth
Program Specialist, Adult Education 
Phone: 402/471-4826

Shirley Gruntorad
GED® Professional Assistant
Phone: 402/471-2475

Jan Drbal
Adult Education Professional Assistant
Phone: 402/471-4830

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Instructions for Withdrawal from Attendance Form 10-005


Download a PDF version of the withdrawal from attendance form 10-005 instructions

This form is to be utilized by the superintendent or designee of the superintendent for a public school district. All of the required fields in the form must be entered before the form can be printed.  The form will alert you if a required field has not been entered.  Only one of the two boxes for the reason for withdrawal of the child on the form can be entered.

The form is only to be completed if:

  1. The person making the written request does not rescind that request at the end of the exit interview; and
  2. The superintendent or designee believes that a preponderance of evidence has been presented by the person making the request that (a) the person has legal or actual charge or control of the child, and (b) the child is experiencing (i) financial hardships requiring the child to be employed to support the child’s family or dependents of the child, or (ii) illness that makes attendance impossible or impracticable.

If superintendent or designee determine these conditions exist at the close of the exit interview, then the person making the request and the superintendent or designee are required to sign the form. The child shall sign the form if the child is experiencing financial hardships requiring the child to be employed to support the child’s family or dependents of the child.

A copy of the signed form should be provided to the person making the request, with a copy also being placed in the student’s file of the school district under Section 79-2,104.

The school district is required to provide the Nebraska Department of Education with a copy of withdrawal forms which can be accomplished by sending a PDF of the completed form with signatures via e-mail to

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Career Pathways Instructional Material

Nebraska Adult Education and GED

Career Pathways Logo Arrow and Ladder

Career Pathways Instructional Material

American Job Centers
List of Nebraska’s American Job Centers with contact information.

College and Career Readiness Plan for Nebraska Adult Education
Nebraska’s Career Pathways (wheel) of program components with links to various websites.

Eligible Population By County
For Fiscal Year 2015, by county, the number and percentage of eligible adults ages 18-64 who were served in Nebraska AE programs.

Intake Form
Career Pathways Interview and Plan for AE students. (To be used during program orientation.)

Nebraska Middle Skill Jobs
A look at the need for more middle skill workers in Nebraska.

Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation Offices
A list of Nebraska’s Vocational Rehabilition Offices, with contact information.

ONET Job Zones
For use with the ONET Interest Profiler.

Prior to Post Test Ideas
Ideas for instructors to use to verify student readiness to post-test as well as tips for after post-testing.

Ten-Hour Check Ideas
Ideas for instructors to use to gauge and encourage student commitment to the program.

Understand Yourself
An example of a learning styles checklist to use with your AE students.

Weekly Schedules
For student use.

A brief look at WIOA changes for Adult Education.

WIOA One Stop Fact Sheet
Overview of WIOA, in particular, the American Job Centers.

Website Corrections


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Nebraska Adult Education and GED®

Effective March 6, 2017, Vicki Bauer has retired from the Nebraska Department of Education. Tate Lauer is the current State Adult Education Director and GED® Administrator.

Scoring change: The revised Rule 81 (Rules and Regulations for the High School Equivalency Program)
effective April 27, 2016 confirms that the State of Nebraska has adopted the updated passing score for each of the four GED® tests as recommended by GED® Testing Service. The passing score is now 145 instead of 150. The GED® with Honors score has been replaced by two new score levels that show a graduate is ready for college or a career-training program, and in some cases eligible to earn college credits: GED® College Ready (165-174) and GED® College Ready + Credit (175-200).

The new score levels represent the full range of abilities of today’s high school graduates, whether the person is meeting minimum graduation standards or ready for college and beyond. An extensive analysis of GED® test takers and high school graduate data was examined to determine this score change.

If you took a GED® test module between January 1, 2014 and April 26, 2016 and earned a score between 145-149 on that subject, your records have been updated to show that you have passed that test. If, because of this change, you’ve now passed all four GED® test subject areas, you are eligible to receive a State of Nebraska Department of Education High School Diploma* and should soon receive the information that you’ll need to obtain your Diploma and/or Official Transcripts through the Nebraska Department of Education. If you have not received notification through the mail from the State Department of Education 14 days after you have received email notification from GED® Testing Service that you’ve passed all four tests, contact

*See Rule 81 for diploma qualifications

Adult Education and Nebraska GED®

Thank you for visiting the home page of the Nebraska GED® and Adult Education programs. From this page you can request duplicate GED® diplomas, GED® transcripts and find the Nebraska GED® testing center and/or Nebraska Adult Education classes nearest you. Read testimonials from successful GED® graduates. Test-takers can also register online by visiting You will see test centers located closest to the address you provide.

The section of the Nebraska Department of Education is responsible for statewide planning and evaluation, promoting interagency cooperation and coordination, public education and awareness, teacher training, curriculum research and development, resource inventory, staff assistance to local programs, funding, and program and project development at state and local levels.


Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for adults to improve their literacy skills to a level requisite for effective citizenship and productive employment. This includes preparation for and successful completion of the high school equivalency program.

Interested in Distance Education?

Nebraska Adult Education offers two programs. Contact your local Adult Education program or call 877/327-6433 for more information.

USA Learns is an online instructional program for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. It was originally developed by the US Department of Education, but is now administered through the Sacramento County California Office of Education. The program is free; it can be utilized both in and out of the classroom. Students must attend class along with utilizing USA Learns outside the classroom. It has three distinct courses: beginning, intermediate, and high level; the three main areas of learning are: survival skills, workplace skills, and the practice of reading and writing.

I-Pathways is an online instructional program designed for the GED® prep student; one who scores at least at the 9th grade level on the TABE reading, level D assessment. Nebraska offers it as a hybrid model in which a student comes to class at least two times a month to check-in with the instructor. AE programs do offer appropriate students the online instruction option after the TABE pre-testing is done and the instructor visits with an individual to determine if he/she is a good candidate for distance learning.

Reality Check Video

During the Career Pathways workshops this past summer, we showed the video Reality Check. That particular version was written for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program here at NDE.  We then asked the creator, Kevin Fleming, to change parts of it so that the entire video addresses our AE students. Click HERE to watch the new version for Adult Education!

Library Materials Available for Check Out to
Nebraska’s Adult Education Staff

The State ABE Office of NDE has a lending library of materials for both AE and ESL. Some are for instructors and others are resources containing practical ideas and exercises to be used with students. Read the descriptions and if you should decide you would like to peruse some, please call or e-mail Jim: 402/471-4806
Many of the resources contain EXCELLENT material for students struggling in specific areas. Other materials would make WONDERFUL additions to, or a basis for staff development sessions. If you would like to preview or discuss any of the materials, just drop in or contact Jim. Materials can be checked out for 6 weeks (longer if not in demand).

How to Request GED® Records

All requests for duplicate diplomas, transcripts and verification of GED® completions must be in writing. No confidential information will be given out over the telephone. The $2 fee (payable to the Nebraska Department of Education) is required for transcripts and duplicate diplomas.
Verification requests from potential employers, background investigators, and/or others must include a signed release from the individual along with the person’s printed name, date of birth, and approximate year of successful completion. These requests may be scanned and emailed to or faxed to 402/471-0117. Please allow 48 hours for verification requests; two weeks for duplicate diploma and transcript requests. Contact us.

GED® Advisory

Please be advised that the State of Nebraska High School diploma can be neither earned nor obtained via the Internet or through correspondence programs. If you take a test on the Internet that claims to be the GED® Tests, it is not a legitimate program. The tests of General Educational Development (GED® tests) developed by the General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education (GED® Testing Service) require extensive preparation and the demonstration of a high level of high school knowledge and academic skills.

The GED® tests are administered in Nebraska only at official GED® testing centers under the direction of the Nebraska Department of Education, Nebraska Adult Education section. Any other high school equivalency diploma not issued by the Nebraska Department of Education or other Nebraska GED® testing authority may be of dubious value and may not be accepted by employers, colleges and universities or the military.


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