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Reporting and Monitoring

The CARES Act requires the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) to oversee ESSER Fund spending.

The CARES Act also requires LEAs that receive ESSER funds to report certain information about their spending on a quarterly basis. The USED is expected to provide further guidance in the coming weeks.

Section 15011(b)(2), requires recipients of CARES Act funds to report:

  • Total amount of funds received,
  • Amount spent or obligated for each project or activity,
  • Detailed list of all projects or activities supported with CARES Act funds (including name, description and estimated number of jobs creating or retained (where applicable)), and
  • Detailed information on subcontracts and sub-grantees, including FFATA data elements, as prescribed by Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Additional reporting items could include:

  • How the LEA plans to provide services to public and private schools, and
  • Amount spent or obligated, specifically to remote learning and addressing learning gaps.

NDE monitoring methods for reporting purposes:

  • Grants Management System (GMS) for collecting reimbursement and oversight purposes.
  • LEA Expenditure Documentation – for reimbursement requests, expenditure documentation will be required for reimbursement request approval. The expenditure documentation should indicate the period in which the expenditures occurred, the grant it was paid out of, the types of expenditures and that the expenditure was allowable.
  • On-site fiscal monitoring
  • Desk reviews of equitable services information.
  • Review Quarterly Reports to ensure allowability of expenditures.

Checklist for LEAs

Updated August 1, 2020 10:33am