March 29, 2018


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“Bridging Connections:  NSSRS to ADVISER”

April 16 – 17, 2018

Contact:  Debe Dockhorn (402-471-2748 or

The NDE Data Conference will be held April 16-17, 2018 at the Younes Conference Center – Kearney, Nebraska.  This conference will provide opportunities to learn about the transition from NSSRS to ADVISER, as well as hear from national, state, and local experts about the latest policies and techniques in education data.  The conference is open to all Nebraska educators but the main audience are persons who work with the nuts and bolts of data collection, data use, and reporting.

Attending this conference is critically important for public school districts’ success in transitioning from NSSRS to ADVISER.  We STRONGLY suggest bringing a team that will be working on the Student Information System and the ADVISER Dashboard.  This conference will provide opportunities to learn about the transition from NSSRS to ADVISER.  The conference is open to all Nebraska Public School Districts’ educators but the main audience are the people that input information into the Student Information System or those in charge of the Student Information System as well as the Administrators that “approve” the data.  This conference will help to get the teams on the same page and know who to contact at NDE if there are questions, issues or concerns.

For more information and to register, visit the conference website at

Session information is now available.


  Special Education Post-School OutcomesOPENS April 2 – DUE DATE: April 30

Contact: Robyn Gonzales (402-471-4341 or

The report for submitting contact information for students with a disability who exited special education in 2016-2017 school year is located on the NDE Portal under the Data Collection tab.  Accurate student contact information will assure your students will be contacted and included in this required Post School Outcome collection.  Please be sure to scroll down on the report to enter each student’s contact information as indicated.  This collection is considered for each school district’s annual federally required “determination”.


     Important Announcement from the DHHS Regarding MIPS Claims

Contact:  Jennifer Irvine (402-471-5234 or

DHHS is excited to announce that districts will no longer need to submit claims for dates of service after August  31, 2017 through the CDC collection “MIPS” in the NDE Portal. Nebraska Medicaid encourages districts to submit claims for dates of service before September 1, 2017 as soon as possible.

Nebraska Medicaid thanks the Nebraska Department of Education for their work on the portal.

Please note, public school districts will be using the Fairbanks system for reimbursement and the Maximus system for Provider Enrollment.


    Nonpublic Consultation for 2018-19 School YearDUE DATE:  May 1

Contact: Diane Stuehmer (402‐471‐1740 or

OR Beth Wooster (402‐471‐2452 or

Due Date:  May 1

It’s time to begin planning for the next school year by completing consultations with nonpublic schools regarding equitable services for the 2018-19 school year.  These two collections are located in the NDE Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) under the Data Collections tab for the following programs:



  • Title I‐C: Migrant
  • Title II‐A: Teacher and Principal Training
  • Title III: Language Instruction for English Learners & Immigrant Students
  • Title IV‐A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment
  • Title IV‐B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers



  • Title I‐A: Services for At‐Risk Students


Each of these collections provide prepopulated forms, which are available for download by the public district to use when consulting with the nonpublic school(s).  Upon completion of the consultation, the public district will enter the information from the forms into the appropriate collection in the NDE Consolidated Data Collection.  Completed, signed forms will remain on file at the public district and may be requested by NDE at any time and/or reviewed during NCLB monitoring.


Nonpublic Federal Programs Within Boundaries Consultation

Every public school district in Nebraska having one or more nonpublic systems located within the public school district’s geographic boundaries must complete this form.  It is the responsibility of the public school district to submit this completed form to the Nebraska Department of Education, through the CDC.  A form for each nonpublic system geographically located within the public school district attendance area to document that the nonpublic system was consulted regarding potential participation in a federal program will need to be completed.


Title I Nonpublic Consultation

Every District receiving Title I funds and having resident low‐income school aged students attending a nonpublic school will need to complete this collection.  The public district is not required to complete or submit a Title I Nonpublic Consultation form for Rule 12 or 13 exempt status schools.  A form will need to be completed for each Nonpublic system that has reported having students eligible for free or reduced lunch as reported in the Nonpublic Membership Report.

If a district knows of any resident low‐income students attending a Nonpublic school that is not listed, they should contact NDE to have the school added (which will generate a form for that school).

NOTE:  In the CDC, the category for both of these forms is “FEDERAL.”  Superintendents have access to this activation code and may assign it to appropriate staff.  As with other reports in the CDC, the person entering the data may “Submit” the data, but the Authorized Representative (usually the Superintendent) will need to “Approve” the collection.



Audit Window Close Date: May 15


    IDEA MOE for Compliance StandardDUE DATE:  March 30

Contact:  Pete Biaggio (402-471-4308 or

IDEA Part B Special Education Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Application for Compliance Standard for school year 2016-2017 opened on February 21.  The report may be accessed within the NDE Portal under the Data Collection tab.

School district receipt of IDEA dollars is contingent upon maintaining fiscal effort for Special Education.  Districts must expend a greater or equal amount of local or local/state funds from a previous year highest level to meet the MOE requirement.  Final calculations based on actual special education school district expenditures/receipts/data obtained from the 2016-2017 AFR, GMS and NSSRS are available and have been compared to the highest levels of fiscal effort.  As a result, calculations for meeting the IDEA MOE Compliance Standard may have resulted in a MOE excess or shortage that requires school district review for determination of adjustments or credits that could modify the MOE level.


    NDE Sponsored ADVISER Workdays COMING SOON to an ESU Near You

Questions:  Contact Ginny Carter at NDE (402-471-2369 or


  • WHO should attend: Data Stewards, SPED Directors or person responsible for SRS/NSSRS SPED data, other team members involved with student data or state reporting.  Public Districts Only
  • WHAT: Topics to be covered at the workday include; ADVISER Validation new reports, look ups and errors, SRS, ADVISER, & SPED reporting updates and training, and ADVISER Dashboard sign on and access.
  • WHEN/WHERE: The NDE Spring ADVISER workdays have been scheduled, please contact your ESU or go to the District ADVISER web site and click on the calendar tab to get more information about dates, times, locations and how to register:


    ADVISER District Meeting

Contact:  Ginny Carter (402-471-2369 or

The March 21 ADVISER District meeting agenda has been posted to the ADVISER google site under the meetings tab.  Next meeting is April 18.

Future meetings with connections information can be found in the calendar tab and are listed in the minutes as well.  The ADVISER google site can be found at ADVISER Google Site


    2017-2018 Parallel Year for Reporting Data to NSSRS and ADVISER

With the new school year 2017-2018 beginning and this year being a parallel year for reporting data to NSSRS and ADVISER, we would like to remind our districts of the appropriate Helpdesk to contact for each system to ensure your questions are answered in a timely matter.

For questions regarding NSSRS data, please send in a Helpdesk Request from the NDE Portal or an email to:

For questions regarding ADVISER data, please send an email to: