December 21, 2017


Please log onto your portal accounts and go to the “My Profile” tab and check to make sure your contact information (especially the email address) is up to date.  It is very important to keep this information updated as the Department of Education uses the email address that is in the users’ Portal account to send vital information.  Thank you!!


  Announcement from NDE Assessment Office

Contact:  Valorie Foy (402-471-2495 or


Updates to student data for NSSRS should be completed by January 10 as updated student rosters will be provided to all test vendors.  Each of the three vendors (NWEA, DRC, and ACT) will get an initial roster for summative testing from NDE during January.  For additional information on 2018 testing please refer to the Assessment page on the NDE website,


    District Technology PlanDUE DATE:  February 1 – AUDIT CLOSE DATE:  February 15

Contact SuAnn Witt – (402) 471-2085


The District Technology Plan will be reopening in the Consolidated Data Collection under the Data Collections tab in the NDE Portal for the 2016-17 school year with the due date extended.  A revised data collection will be developed next year to align with the Digital Learning/Ed Tech Plan scheduled for release next spring/summer.



Contact:  Dorann Avey (402-471-4366 or


Nebraska is in the process of creating the first ever statewide PK – 12 Digital Learning and Educational Technology Plan.  The plan intends to support the State Board of Education Strategic Vision and Direction, as well as coordinate the different activities and efforts underway throughout the state.  To assist in drafting the plan, the Future Ready Nebraska Council was created and has representatives from a variety of stakeholders.  The Council has worked on a set of draft goals, using the Future Ready Framework and is now seeking reactions, thoughts, and feedback from you.


The short survey, approximately 15 minutes, provides an opportunity to provide reactions and prioritize the draft goals for the Future Ready Nebraska plan.  The survey will be open through Monday, January 15.  The link below will take you to the survey which can be accessed on multiple device types.


Thank you for your assistance and feedback in establishing the priorities for Nebraska’s Digital Learning and Educational Technology work.


Survey Link


    Special Education Monthly/Year-End Snapshot

Contact: NDE Helpdesk (888-285-0556 or

Public and Special Purpose Schools only


This is a reminder for School Districts uploading their Monthly/Year-End Special Education Snapshot, please remember to upload a complete file of all special education students in the first upload to 2017-2018 Year End Collection.  The Monthly/Year-End Special Education Snapshot is the source of special education data to be compared with data provided by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) that occurs on the 24th day of each month for the purpose of creating the Medicaid in Public Schools (MIPS) claim forms/lists.  Participation in MIPS is required by Nebraska Revised Statute 43-2511.


When the district uploads its first Special Education Snapshot for 2017-2018 Year End, it must be a complete file and include all special education students.  After the initial upload for year-end, individual records can be uploaded in the monthly updates.  A monthly Special Education Snapshot must be submitted when there are new students in special education and whenever there are changes in services.



    2017-2018 AQuESTT Evidence-Based Analysis (EBA)



All public school systems are required to complete the 2017-2018 AQuESTT Evidence-Based Analysis (EBA) as part of the Annual Statistical Summary as directed by the Commissioner pursuant to Section 79-528(2).  The EBA for both public districts and schools will be web-based, as it was in the 2016-2017 school year, and will be available on the NDE Portal on January 8, 2018.  The EBA is designed to provide information in support of AQuESTT classification processes, which will inform continuous improvement efforts.  School administrators should work with school staff to complete and submit the EBA by June 30, 2018.  FAQ and instruction documents regarding completion of the EBA will be available within the Portal collection.



    ELPA Testing Labels Upload

Contact:  Terri Schuster ( or 402.471.4694)


ELPA21 TESTING LABELS UPLOAD for English Learners (ELs) in Grades 2-12 (Due January 11 at 5:00p.m.)

ELPA21 Grades 2-12 student testing labels data upload will be on January 11.  Work with your data manager to ensure that students in these grades are accurately identified on Fields 95 and 113.  All ELs must be identified on NSSRS Field 95 by this date.  Students who have met the state’s exit criteria (See Rule 15) and are no longer EL, should be identified on Field 113 as redesignated English fluent (these students will not test on the ELPA21.)

Note:  SY 2017-18 ELPA21 Testing window is February 5 – March 16.



    ADVISER District Meeting

Contact:  Ginny Carter (402-471-2369 or


The November 15 ADVISER District meeting agenda and a YouTube video has been posted to the ADVISER google site under the meetings tab. Next meeting is January 24.


Future meetings with connections information can be found in the calendar tab and are listed in the minutes as well.  The ADVISER google site can be found at ADVISER Google Site



    2017-2018 Parallel Year for Reporting Data to NSSRS and ADVISER


With the new school year 2017-2018 beginning and this year being a parallel year for reporting data to NSSRS and ADVISER, we would like to remind our districts of the appropriate Helpdesk to contact for each system to ensure your questions are answered in a timely matter.


For questions regarding NSSRS data, please send in a Helpdesk Request from the NDE Portal or an email to:


For questions regarding ADVISER data, please send an email to: