Update to Instructional Unit requirements for Rule 10

The “Instructional Unit Subject Area Totals” report for the 2023-2024 school year in ADVISER Validation will be updated on 3/15/2024 with additional course offerings derived from high school course sections that have teachers but no students assigned to them. The notification explaining this change (copied below) will also be emailed out to superintendents on 3/14/2024:


Dear Nebraska Superintendents,

The Accreditation section of the NDE is notifying schools of a revised interpretation of language within Rule 10 that will allow for flexibility in meeting the instructional unit requirements. The revised interpretation ensures diverse opportunities for students while maintaining the standards of the requirement.

Rule 10 definition 002.12 Instructional Unit means 15 clock hours (900 minutes) of classroom instruction in a course offered in the secondary school. An “offered” course must meet the following criteria:

  • The course offerings will meet all the necessary requirements under current Rule 10.
  • A certificated teacher is available to be assigned to each course offered as part of the teacher’s daily schedule.
  • Course offerings are available for students to access.
  • The course has been identified as part of the current school year master schedule.


Districts will demonstrate that class offerings were available to students for the current school year through the following:

  • Submission of a completed and signed the Rule 10 Assurance Statement.
  • Uploaded course information through ADVISER as a “Course Offering” during the current school year.
  • Proof of “Course Offerings” if requested: Registration materials for grades 9-12 of current school year.


If you have any questions regarding the new interpretation, feel free to reach out to:

Office of Accreditation, Certification and Approval