Staff Reporting 22-23 / New Errors in NSSRS Validation

There are 4 new errors/warnings in NSSRS Validation which support new Position Assignment Codes introduced this year within the Staff Reporting collection:
589-No Appropriate Certificate for Substitute Teacher
590-No Appropriate Certificate for Activities/Athletics Coach
591-No Days Worked Reported for Substitute Teacher
592-Maximum Days Worked Reported for Substitute Teacher

To see if your School/System has any of these new errors/warnings, please go to the NSSRS Validation collection within the Student & Staff (NSSRS) tab of your portal account. (If you do not have access to the collection, please contact your Portal District Administrator.)

Staff Reporting 22-23 is due June 15 with a final close date of June 30. No changes will be allowed after this time so it is important to start reviewing your Year End Staff Reporting data at this time. Staff Reporting Verification Reports and Errors can be found in the NSSRS Validation collection.

REMINDER: Starting the 2022-2023 school year, all Substitute Teachers and their Days Worked must be reported in the Staff Reporting collection. The CDC’s Substitute Teacher collection is no longer available.

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