Special Education Proportionate Share Worksheet for Non-Public Schools 2024-2025 – Due 12/15/2023

All school districts (including districts that do NOT have approved/accredited non-public schools or exempt home schools located within the district‘s jurisdiction are required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to complete and submit the 2024-2025 IDEA Proportionate Share application. This collection is found under the “Data Collection” tab in the portal. An activation code may be required if this is the first time accessing the collection, which can be obtained from the District Administrator.

This collection is based on the October 1, 2023 child count of eligible children with disabilities (ages 3-21) and determines the amount of IDEA funds that must be expended for eligible parentally placed children with disabilities in an accredited/approved nonpublic school and/or an exempt home school within the school district boundaries.
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