Special Education Financial Reporting System (SPEDFRS)

Special Education Financial Reporting System (SPEDFRS)

Contact the following:

          NDE Helpdesk (888-285-0556 or ADVISERHelp@nebraskacloud.org) for NDE Portal Assistance

          Lori Adams (402-471-2637 or lori.adams@nebraska.gov) for Financial Assistance

Public Schools and ESU’s Only

It is official, the Special Education Financial Reporting System opened for data collection on Monday, September 24.  Available in the NDE Portal, under the Data Collections tab.  An  activation code is required to add this collection to users’ Portal accounts.  Activation codes can be obtained from your District Administrator.  For assistance with activation codes contact the NDE Help Desk at ADVISERHelp@nebraskacloud.org or 888-285-0556.

This system combines final financial reporting for SPED Birth to Age Five, SPED School Age and SPED Transportation.  

More information is available on the following website:  Special Education Financial Reporting Information  https://www.education.ne.gov/fos/special-education-reporting-information/