Nonpublic Curriculum Reporting System 2021-2022: OPEN-January 20 and DUE-February 28

Only Nonpublic Systems Need to Complete this Collection

The Nonpublic Curriculum Reporting System for 2021-2022 collects data for the courses teachers teach, to determine compliance with Rule 10 and Rule 14.

The Nonpublic Curriculum Reporting System 2021-2022 is located within the Data Collections tab of the NDE Portal. A new activation code is needed every year, in order to add the collection to individual portal accounts. Activation codes can be obtained from the portal District Administrator.

Please join the February 9th, 2022 data webinar (registration is free) to learn more about why this data is collected and learn how it relates to Rule 10 and 14 monitoring. For more information (and to register) please visit: