New CDC staff data collection for Special Education Teacher Retention opening 3/1/2023

A new Consolidated Data Collections (CDC) app has been recently added and is opening as of March 1, 2023 for collecting data until March 31, 2023 for all public districts and ESUs in the NDE Portal. This new collection identifies staff that were listed as a Special Education Teacher in the prior year’s Staff Reporting data who are not identified in the same position in the current school year. For these staff, this new CDC app will collect a reason that each of these staff were not retained by the district. In future school years, this CDC collection is planned to open on 12/1 and close by 1/31 each year, referencing the Staff Reporting data that was entered in the Fall.


The instructions for the new CDC collection can be found at NDE’s website here. In addition, this new collection was featured in the January 2023 NDE data conference webinar – please refer to the slides and recording found at