IMPORTANT – Special Education Reporting System (SPEDFRS) & NSSRS Staffing Information – Current School Year

Public School Districts and ESUs

REMINDER:  NSSRS Staffing Information deadline to make changes is June 30.  It is extremely important that Special Education Staffing Information be accurate for SPEDFRS reporting and reimbursement.

2019-2020 SPEDFRS is available to see the NDE staffing adjustments resulting from inappropriate NSSRS SPI Code.  Corrections to NSSRS for the current 2020-2021 year may be needed to ensure reimbursement for 2020-2021.

Below are the SPED (SPI) Indicators that must be used to be considered for reimbursement. Instructional Staff without the appropriate indicators will not save or upload into SPEDFRS for 2020-2021. 

SPED “SPI Code” and “Position Assignment” – Required for Professional Staff – must be correctly coded in Staff Reporting to be eligible for reimbursement.  Deadline to submit Staff Reporting Data for the current school year is June 15, audit window – June 30.

  • “S” SPED School Age -State/Local Funds – (Report in SPEDFRS only)
  • “I” SPED School Age Federal-IDEA, (Report in IDEA and SPEDFRS)
  • “7” SPED Early Childhood Federal-IDEA/State/Local (Report in IDEA and SPEDFRS)

 “Position assignments” for Supervision of Special Education should be coded as:

  • 1110 Program Supervision, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2323 Special Education Administrator/Director, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2325 Supervisor/Director, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2327 Coordinator, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2329 Assistant Administrator, using the above SPI Codes

These codes will be applied to the 8% for Supervision costs and allows for clerical reimbursement costs. 

If a SPED staff is split coded in Staff Reporting, separate entries are required in SPEDFRS with the appropriate SPED SPI Codes mentioned above.  Cannot be a “0” General Education (see exception below). 

 An exception for Rule 51- Section 011.02C2 – regarding reimbursement of administrator(s) “…superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal and assistant principal…” is made for SPI Code “0” and Position Assignment for “ Superintendent or Principal” and requires prior approval to be considered for reimbursement – see guidance: Clarification of Rule 51 – Section 011.02C2 – Administrator(s) – Split Funding. (Requires prior NDE Approval)