Future Ready District Technology Profile – Opens January 25

Future Ready District Technology Profile – Due Date: 03/31/2021

The Future Ready District Technology Profile will be available to public school districts on the NDE Portal under the “Data Collections” tab beginning January 25, 2021. An activation code is required to add the collection to the NDE Portal account, which can be obtained from the District Administrator. The district profile will be available for nonpublic schools through the district technology plan website (see link below). Please review the FAQ and instruction documents regarding completion of the web-based Future Ready District Technology Profile through the NDE Portal or on the NDE website shown below.

More information and resources related to the new District Technology Profile are available for districts (public and non-public) on the NDE website:


The website includes links to the following documents:

  1. PDF version of the new profile instrument
  2. PDF of the instructions to access the profile in the portal
  3. PDF of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)
  4. On January 25, link for Non-public Schools (Public schools districts must use the NDE portal)

If you have difficulties accessing the documents on the NDE website, please contact the Digital Learning Office at nde.digitallearning@nebraska.gov to request that the documents be emailed to you. Thank you.