Educator Workforce & Student Data Report

The purpose of this report is to support school leaders in identifying and addressing any disparities that result in low income  and minority students being served disproportionately by out of field, inexperienced, and ineffective teachers. The report can be used to enhance the data that districts analyze to make informed decisions about practices to improve educational effectiveness.

The data collected during the statewide district staff reporting period is used for this report. The data will be used to define a baseline for all schools in Nebraska as defined by federal and state expectations. This baseline data presents Nebraska schools with the opportunity to build a personalized system of integrated supports that advance equity and educator effectiveness.

The report can be found in the ADVISER Validation collection. An activation code, which is obtained from the District Administrator, is required to add the collection to a Portal account.

To navigate to the report, the user should select Staff under Verification Reports, click on the Title I group header to expand the list of reports, click on the Education Workforce and Student Data report title.