Educator Effectiveness Mini-Summits

Instead of holding the traditional Educator Effectiveness Summit in June this year, the NDE’s S.E.E.D. Educator Effectiveness Team will be holding regional Mini-Summits. Each Mini-Summit will be one day long. The audience will be school administrators and their teacher leaders (up to five per district). BUT we would also like our ESU and Educator Preparation Program friends, our NDE colleagues, and our NSEA friends to attend if possible. The conversations and activities will focus on assisting districts in articulating how their system is set up to support and develop their teachers and principals. Those who did not attend the June 2022 Educator Effectiveness Summit will be led through an activity using faux educator data and the Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards (NTPPS) which will allow them to consider different pieces of educator data and how to analyze those pieces of data in conjunction with student data.

For those who attended the June 2022 Educator Effectiveness Summit, there will be an additional level of activities around staff and student data—taking what was learned in June 2022 and turning it into action.

We look forward to having these conversations with districts because knowing how to articulate their district’s educator support and development within their own contexts can have an impact on their recruitment and retention abilities and subsequently an impact on student achievement. We sure hope you can attend.

 WHEN and WHERE:                                        

April 5 – University of Nebraska-Lincoln      

April 18 – Wayne State College

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