Consolidated Data Collections (CDC) for Public Districts – Opening May 1 – Due June 15

Annual Participation Report
This is a collection of Title I programs and the related data required to submit for them, including Title I Part A School-wide Projects and/or Targeted Assistance Schools; Title I Part A Funded Staff; and Neglected/Delinquent data.
For more information, contact Beth Wooster at

ESU/District/System/School Information Report
This report is used to collect general information relating to a District, including name, address, website, phone and any changes in District status, including school closure. It is also used to collect AQuESTT classification school type(s) and grade ranges.
For more information, contact Naomi Kohles at

Nebraska Education Profile (NEP) Information
This collection is used to obtain district information, graduation requirement information, and NAI grade levels for Nebraska public school districts. The information collected will be displayed on the Nebraska Education Profile (NEP) website for the following school year.
For more information, contact the NDE Service Desk at

Pupil Transportation Report
Collects transportation and bus information. All systems must complete this report – even if no pupil transportation services are provided.
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Substitute Teachers
Collects all substitute teachers by name, their NDE Staff ID, and the number of days taught. See Rule 21 for details: 92 NAC 21-005.23 & 92 NAC 21-005.24.
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Days in Session/Instructional Program Hours
This collection consists of 2 different reports: Days in Session and Instructional Program Hours.
Days in Session is collected through ADVISER. Public districts do not need to complete this portion.
Instructional Program Hours are the actual instructional program hours in session (not just scheduled) for the school year. All Public districts must complete this section of the collection for KG, Elem & Sec. Also included in this collection are Pre-K instructional hours for public district/system operated early childhood education programs by attendance site. For the 2021-2022 school year, please use the Commissioner’s Guidance concerning Instructional Hours for Rules 10, 11 and 14 found here:
For information on Pre-Kindergarten, Tammi Hicken at
For information on Instructional Program Hours, Micki Charf at