Consolidated Data Collections (CDC) for Public Districts Now Open – Due October 15

Assessed Valuation and Levies
Collects information about assessed valuation by county and fund levies, system square miles, and high school distance.
For questions, contact Kevin Lyons or (402) 450-1418 

Elementary Site Allowance
Form to be completed by a school district with multiple elementary attendance sites. 
For questions, contact Kevin Lyons or (402) 450-1418 

Estimated Expenditure for LEP and Poverty
Estimated expenditure for next year’s LEP and Poverty expenditures.
For questions, contact Kevin Lyons or (402) 450-1418 

Human Resources Director Contacts – Open All Year
Used to collect name and email address for correspondence related to notices regarding teacher and administrative certificates, evaluation systems, surveys, and data. The contact listed may have a similar role to an HR Director.
For questions, contact Clayton Waddle 

Non-Certificated Staff
Report of Non-Certificated Staff. 
For questions, contact the Service Desk  

PK Instructional Program Hours/K Program
Collects data regarding the number of hours per week and per year of operation for pre-kindergarten center-based classrooms in the school and data regarding the type of kindergarten program that is offered in the school.
For questions, contact Tammi Hicken or (531) 207-8917 OR Kevin Lyons or (402) 450-1418 

Student Growth Adjustment
School districts must estimate 2023-2024 average daily membership and provide evidence supporting the estimate. 
For questions, contact Kevin Lyons or (402) 450-1418 

Summer School Student Unit
Number of students by grade who attend summer school. 
For questions, contact Kevin Lyons or (402) 450-1418 

Title I Annual Caseload Count of Children In Local Institutions For Neglected or Delinquent – Due Date: December 5, 2023
To provide the State Educational Agency with current information on the location and number of children living in institutions for neglected or delinquent children, or in local correctional institutions. Used in the Title I formula for computing allocations for local educational agencies.
For questions, contact Kirk Russell or (402) 405-4616 OR Ann Carmoney or (402) 525-7109 

Two-Year New School Adjustment Application
School districts applying for the two-year new school adjustment will need to provide estimated additional student capacity and provide supporting evidence.
For questions, contact Kevin Lyons or (402) 450-1418