Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) Collections for Public School Districts – Opened March 1 – Due May 1

Nonpublic Federal Programs Within Boundaries Consultation

Every public school district in Nebraska that has one or more nonpublic systems located within the public school district’s geographic boundaries must complete this form.  It is the responsibility of the public school district to submit this completed form to the Nebraska Department of Education. A form will need to be completed for each nonpublic system geographically located within the public school district attendance area to document that the nonpublic system was consulted regarding potential participation in a federal program.

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Title I Nonpublic Consultation Form

Every District receiving Title I funds and having resident low-income school aged students attending a nonpublic school will need to complete this collection. The public district is not required to complete or submit a Title I Nonpublic Consultation form for Rule 12 or 13 exempt status schools. A form will need to be completed for each nonpublic system that has reported having students eligible for free or reduced lunch as reported in the Nonpublic Membership Report.

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