2023-2024 Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements Now Available

2023-2024 Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements are now available: https://coursecodes.education.ne.gov/

The website features several helpful tools including:
1. Changes tab in the Menu bar at the top of the page – view all changes from the prior year
2. Search Fields – search by specific key words, a Course Code number or even an Endorsement Code
3. Select Subject – select only Math, Special Education or any other subject specific courses

There have been quite a few changes to the Fine Arts codes (Visual, Music and Theatre) so please visit the Fine Arts website for more information: https://www.education.ne.gov/finearts/fine-arts-course-codes/ . As well, there was a Fine Arts Course Codes session at our April 12th monthly Data Webinar. Please visit the Data Webinar site: https://nedataconference.com/ for more information.