2021-2022 Teacher Vacancy Survey – Opens October 5

Public School Districts, Nonpublic Systems and ESUs

The Nebraska Teacher Vacancy Survey is sent annually to all Nebraska school districts/systems for the purpose of gathering data relating to teacher supply. The Teacher Vacancy Survey 2021-2022 collection is opening on October 5 in the NDE Portal.  The collection is located under the Data Collections tab.  An activation code is required which can be obtained from the District Administrator. The information collected from survey responses is essential for the following:
• Determining the official teacher shortage areas for the state. Teachers employed to teach in a content area that has been designated as an official teacher shortage area may be eligible for a number of state and federal loan forgiveness opportunities.
• Determining content areas for which teacher supply does not meet statewide demand and which methods are commonly used by school districts/systems to meet staffing needs.
• Developing recruitment and retention initiatives related to shortage areas.
All information will be presented as aggregated data; it will not be utilized in any manner that directly identifies an individual school district/system.
Please ensure that you press the “Submit Survey” button on the final screen to finalize this survey. Thank you.