2020 Virtual Para-educators Conference

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This year’s theme of “Paraeducators, The Link to Meaningful Connection” is more relevant than ever!  The focus of the conference is how to create and maintain social-emotional connections with students.  The breakout sessions are relevant for Paraeducators that work with  Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, and High School students. These breakout sessions cover a variety of topics Social Emotional Learning, Personal Care Development and Care, Literacy, and Math. This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Aria Fiat. Dr. Fiat received her doctoral degree in School Psychology and holds a B.S. degree in Education and Social Policy. She specializes in culturally-responsive therapeutic interventions, universal mental health promotion programs, integrated behavioral healthcare, risk and resilience. Her current research centers around improving capacity for schools to deliver culturally-responsive mental health prevention and intervention programs. She works to cultivate resilience in children, educators, parents, and systems by integrating various therapeutic modalities and adapting them to fit the school context.