2020-2021 ADVISER Follow Up Collection

Public School Districts and Special Purpose Schools Only

With the changes to the ADVISER Follow Up collection due dates (now Sept 15/Oct 2), it is more important than ever to ensure your ADVISER Year End data is correct by June 15/June 30.) This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • English Learner
  • Student and Teacher Course Sections (all courses completed during the regular school year)
  • School Enrollment (especially 2020-2021 Completers and end of year transfers)
  • Special Education (especially transfers and exiters)

The Follow Up Collection is meant for data which is not reportable by June 15th. All other data available in June is expected to be reported during the Year End Collection window.

Please attend an ADVISER Year End workday if assistance is needed. Information and registration information can be found here.