UPDATED: 2019-2020 AQuESTT Evidence-Based Analysis (EBA)

All public school systems are required to complete the 2019-2020 AQuESTT Evidence-Based Analysis (EBA) as part of the Annual Statistical Summary as directed by the Commissioner pursuant to Section 79-528(2). The EBA for both public districts and schools will be web-based, as it was in the 2018-2019 school year, and is currently available on the NDE Portal under the Data Collections tab. The EBA is designed to provide information in support of AQuESTT classification processes, which will inform continuous improvement efforts. School administrators should work with school staff to complete and submit the EBA by June 30, 2020. Please review these instructions and FAQs regarding the completion of the EBA through the Portal collection. Additionally, these short videos walk you through retrieving the AQuESTT EBA district activation code(s), or school activation code(s).

NOTE:  Activation code will only need to be added if you did not complete the survey last year.