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Check 4 Learning

2015 C4L Administrator Days

2015 C4L Administrator Days Presentation

C4L AQuESTT Presentation

2015 C4L AQuESTT Presentation

2015-2016 C4L

The 2014-2015 Check4Learning system is up and running. Questions and feedback should be directed to Jeremy Heneger (, 402-471-2818). Concerns about specific items can also be sent to Jeremy.

2016-2017 MOU

C4L Training & Manuals

User Guide for Administrators with Educator Scoring

Updated Appendix A: Uploading Multiple Students

User Guide for Teachers with Educator Scoring

Check4Learning Technology User Guide

C4L Instructional Video Series

Segment 1: Agenda, Additional Material, eDirect and Sign In (run time 8:43)

Segment 2: Managing Teacher and Student Accounts (run time 7:04)

Segment 3: Navigating the System, Item Bank (run time 6:17)

Segment 4: Creating Math and Science Tests, Sharing Tests (run time 11:55)

Segment 5: Creating a Reading Test, Sharing Tests (run time 13:41)

Segment 6: Creating Student Groups, Creating a Test Session (run time 9:15)

Segment 7: Post Test Session (unlock/regenerate/reports) (run time 8:19)

Segment 8: Taking Tests (run time 6:45)

DRC Training Material

Check4Learning Training (recording)

Check4Learning Preview (PowerPoint)

Check4Learning Training (PowerPoint)


C4L Overview Documents:

Example File Regarding Naming Conventions

C4L Graphic library

How Districts are Using C4L – PowerPoint

Updated March 2013C4L Reading Passage Inventory– This spreadsheet includes all active reading passages in the C4L system and the number of items associated with the passage broken down by indicator. Each grade is a separate tab in the spreadsheet.

C4L Science Item Inventory Posted December 2013

C4L Math Item Inventory Posted December 2013

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge: