Find an NDE Acronym List

  • 0I
    Orthopedic Impairments
  • 21st CCLC
    21st Century Community Learning Center
  • 4-H
    Organization to advance youth development
  • 504
    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • A & D Waiver
    Aged and Disabled Waiver
  • ACF
    Administration for Children and Families
  • ACT
    American College Testing
  • ACTE
    Association of Career and Technical Education
    Association of Career and Technical Education of
  • ADA
    Average Daily Attendance (used with NEP
  • ADA
    Americans with Disabilities Act
  • ADD
    Attention Deficit Disorder
  • ADHD
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • ADM
    Accountability Data Mart
  • ADM
    Average Daily Membership (used in State Aid)
    Advanced Data Views Improving student Educational Response
  • AGED
    Agriculture Education
  • AM
    American Indian or Alaska Native
  • AN
    Accelerate NE
  • AP
    Advanced Placement
    Accountability For A Quality Education System For Today And Tomorrow (2016)
  • ARC
    Association for Retarded Citizens
  • AS
  • ASL
    American Sign Language
    ACT Aspire
  • AYP
    Adequate Yearly Progress
  • BD
    Behavior Disorder
  • BE
    Business Education
    Development scale for children's mental health
  • BL
    Black or African American
  • BMM
    Business and Marketing Management
  • BSA
    Boy Scouts of America
  • CA
    Chronological Age
  • CAEP
    Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
    Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
  • CASA
    Court-Appointed Special Advocate
  • CAT
    California Achievement Test
  • CCDF
    Child Care and Development Fund
  • CCPE
    Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
    Common Core Standards Initiative
    Council of Chief States School Officers
  • CDC
    Consolidated Data Collections
  • CDC
    Center for Disease Control
  • CEC
    Council on Exceptional Children
  • CEDS
    Common Education Data Standards
  • CGS
    Child Guidance Services
  • CIP
    Classification of Instructional Programs
  • CIP
    Continuous Improvement Process
  • CIS
    Career Information Systems
  • CLC
    Community Learning Center
  • CMS
    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • COLA
    Cost of Living Allowance
    ACT Compass
    Coordinating Options in Nebraska Network through Effective Communication Technology ? Data collection system used by HHSS
  • CP
    Cerebral Palsy
  • CPS
    Child Protective Service - also known as P&S
    Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • CSPD
    Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
  • CTBS
    Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
  • CWO
    Children with Disabilities
  • DD
    Developmental Delay - A verification category for Special Education
  • DD
    Developmental Disabilities - A part of Health and Human Services
  • DEC
    Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children
  • DECA
    An association of marketing, management and entrepreneurship students
  • DED
    Department of Economic Development
  • DH
    Displaced Homemaker
  • DHHS
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills
  • DOB
    Date Of Birth
  • DOE
    Department of Education
  • DOL
    Department of Labor
  • DPI
    Department of Public Institutions
  • DQI
    Data Quality Institute
  • DRS
    Data Reporting System
  • EAP
    Early Adopter Program
  • EBA
    Evidenced Based Analysis
    Early Childhood Interagency Coordinating Council
    Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems
    Early Childhood Professional Development Partnership
  • ECSE
    Early Childhood Special Education
  • ECTC
    Early Childhood Training Center
  • ED/BD
    Emotionally Disturbed / Behavior Disordered
  • EDAP
    Electronic District Assessment Portfolio
  • EDEN
    USDOE?s General Administrative Regulations
  • EDN
    Early Development Network
  • EdQuest
    Education Quest Foundation
    Elementary Education Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • EFT
    Electronic Funds Transfer
  • EHS
    Early Head Start
  • EI
    Early Intervention
  • EI Waiver
    Early Intervention Waiver
  • EIS
    Early Intervention System
  • EL
    English Language Learner
  • ELO
    Extended Learning Opportunities
    Eastern Nebraska Community Office of Mental Health
    Eastern Nebraska Community Office of Retardation
    Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
  • ESEA
    Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • ESIS
    Education of Systems Involved Students
  • ESL
    English as a Second Language
  • ESSA
    Every Student Succeeds Act
  • ESU
    Educational Service Unit
    Educational Service Unit Professional Development Organization
    Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council
  • ESY
    Extended School Year
  • ETS
    Education Testing Service
  • F2F
    Face to Face
  • FAPE
    Free and Appropriate Public Education
  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions
  • FBLA
    Future Business Leaders Association
    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
  • FCS
    Family Consumer Sciences
    Family Educational Right and Privacy Act
  • FFA
    An association of environmental and agricultural systems students
  • FFR
    Final Financial Report
  • FFS
    Fee For Service
  • FFY
    Federal Fiscal year
  • FICC
    Federal Interagency Coordinating Council
  • FTE
    Full Time Equivalency
    A statewide support network of statewide agencies, educational institutions and employers to develop career pathways industries
  • GAN
    Grant Award Notification
  • GBC
    Gaps and Barriers Committee of the Early Childhood Interagency Coordination Council
  • GCAT
    Graduation Cohort Analysis Tool
  • GEPA
    General Education Provisions Act
  • GMS
    Grants Management System
  • GRPA
    Government Performance and Results Act
  • GSA
    General Services Administration
  • GSEG
    General Supervision Enhancement Grant
  • HAL
    High Ability Learning
    Higher Education Act/Higher Education Opportunities Act
  • HHSS
    Health and Human Services System ? also NDHHSS
  • HI
    Hearing Impairment
  • HI
    Health Information Portability & Accountability Act
  • HK
    Half Day Kindergarten
  • HOSA
    Health Occupations Students of America
  • HP
    Half Day Pre-Kindergarten
  • HQT
    Highly Qualified Teacher
  • HS
    High School
    Head Start State Collaboration Office
  • HSTW
    High Schools That Work
  • I.Q.
    Intelligence Quotient
  • i3
    Invest in Innovation (3rd round)
  • IAES
    Interim Alternative Educational Setting
  • IB
    International Baccalaureate
  • ICC
    Interagency Coordinating Council (local, state, and federal)
  • IDEA 2004
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004
  • IDEA 2004
    Part C - Children age 0-2
  • IDEA 2004
    Part B- Children age 3-21 also known as IDEIA 2004
  • IEA
    Intermediate Education Entity
  • IEP
    Individual Education Plan
  • IFSP
    Individual Family Service Plan
  • IGDI
    Indicators of Individual Growth and Development for Infants and Toddlers
  • IHE
    Institution of Higher Education
  • IHE
    Institute of Higher Education
  • ILCD
    Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities
  • IMES
    Industrial Manufacturing & Engineering Systems
    Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium
    Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
  • IPP
    Individual Program Plan- age 21 and above
  • ITBS
    Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  • ITC
    Industrial Training Center
  • ITED
    Iowa Test of Educational Development
  • ITSY
    Development scale for children's mental health
  • K AND S
    Knowledge and Skills
  • KG
  • L-T-C
    Long Term Care
  • L2L
    Links to Learns
  • LB
    Legislative Bill
  • LC
    Lid Computation
  • LD
    Learning Disability
  • LEA
    Local Education Agency
  • LEP
    Limited English Proficiency
  • LFO
  • LICC
    Local Interagency Coordinating Council - In
  • Links
    Nebraska these are the Planning Region Teams-
  • LK
    Links to Learns
  • LOA
    Learning Disabilities Association
  • LPS
    Local Program Success
  • LR
    Legislative Rule
  • LRE
    Least Restrictive Environment
  • MA
    Mental Age
  • MAT
    Metropolitan Achievement Test
  • MCH
    Maternal and Child Health
  • MCHB
    Maternal and Child Health Bureau
  • MD
    Mental Handicap
  • MDT
    Multi-Disciplinary Team- determines eligibility for special education and early intervention
  • MIPS
    Medicaid in Public Schools
  • MMI
    Munroe Meyer Institute- Center for Excellence
  • MOE
    Maintenance of Effort
  • MR
    Mental Retardation
  • MSDF
    Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
  • MU
    Multiple Races
  • NAC
    Nebraska Administrative Code
    Nebraska Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
    National Association for Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education
  • NAEP
    National Assessment of Educational Progress
    National Association for the Education of Young
  • NAMI
  • NAS
    National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
  • NASB
    Nebraska Association of School Boards
    Nebraska Advocacy Service - P&A in Nebraska
    National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium
    National Association of State Directors of Special
    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
    Nebraska Council for American Private Education
    National Council of Teacher Education
    National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality
  • NCE
    Nebraska Association of Special Education
  • NCES
  • NCLB
    No Child Left Behind
  • NCSA
    Nebraska Council of School Administrators
  • NCTE
    Nebraska Council on Teacher Education
  • NDE
    Nebraska Department of Education
  • NDE Staff ID
    Unique ID Identifier for Staff
    Grants Management sites
  • NeDS
    NE Education Data Standardized
  • NEP
    Nebraska Education Profile (11/2016)
  • NeSA
    Nebraska School Accountability
    Natural Environment
  • NICU
    Nebraska Educational Assistive Technology Center
    National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
  • NORD
    Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit
    Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association
  • NRRS
    Nontraditional/Special Populations
  • NSAA
    Nebraska School Activity Association
    NE Student ? Centered Assessment System
  • NSEA
    Nebraska State Education Association
  • NSIG
    National Organization for Rare Disorders - website
  • NSOB
    Nebraska State Office Building
    Nebraska Student and Staff Record System
    Nebraska Statewide Workforce and Education Research System
  • NT
    National Network of Partnership Schools
  • NWEA
    Northwest Evaluation Association
  • O&M
    Orientation and Mobility
  • OCR
    Office of Civil Rights
  • OEB
    Other Educational Barrier
  • OHI
    Other Health Impairments
  • OHS
    Office of Head Start
  • OSEP
    Office of Special Education Programs
    Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation
  • OSHA
  • OT
    Occupation Safety and Health Act
  • OVAE
    Occupational Therapy
  • P&A
    Protection and Advocacy - Nebraska Advocacy
  • P&S
    Protection and Safety - also known as CPS
  • P-16
    Office of Vocational and Adult Education
  • Para
    Paraprofessional or Para educator
  • PASS
    Plans to Achieve Self Support (Supplemental
  • Pathway
    Security Income PASS)
  • PBIS
    Knowledge and skills required of occupations in
  • PBS
    specific career fields
  • PDF
    Positive Behavior and Interventions Support
  • PDFI
    Positive Behavior Support
  • PDO
    Personal Development Facilitator
  • PDP
    Personal Development Facilitation Institute
  • PEP
    Professional Development Organization
  • Perkins
    Carl D. Perkins Grant Funds
  • PI
    Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
  • PIC
    Parent Involvement Conference
  • PK
  • PLEP
    Present Level of Educational Performance
  • PLP
    Personal Learning Plan
  • PMI
    Performance Measures Initiative
  • PPCS
    Private Postsecondary Career Schools
    Profile and Performance Information Collection
  • PRT
  • PS
    Planning Region Team(s)- local ICCs in Nebraska
  • PSAT
    Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test
  • PSP
    Post-Secondary Institutions
  • PT
    Primary Service Provider
  • PTAC
    National Privacy and Technical Assistance Center
  • PTI Nebraska
    Parent Training and Information - parent centers located in each state and territory
  • QRS
    Parent Training and Information - Nebraska
  • REL
    Regional Educational Laboratory
  • RN
    Request for Proposal
  • RTHS
    Registered Nurse
  • RTI
    Rethinking the High School
    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
  • SAT
    Stanford Achievement Test
  • SC
    School Counseling
  • SCED
    School Courses for Exchange of Data
    Services Coordinator
  • SEA
    Supporting Change and Reform in lnter-professional
  • SEA
    State Education Agency
  • SEA
    Special Education Advisory Council
  • SEAC
    Pre-service Training
  • SEE
    State Education Agency - NDE
  • SkillsUSA
    An association of technical, industrial, health- related and service career students
  • Sl
    Signed Exact English
  • SLD
    Specific Learning Disabilities
  • SLI
    Speech Language Impairment
  • SLP
    Speech Language Pathologist
  • SOB
    State Office Building
  • SOSR
    State of the Schools Report
  • SP
    Single Parent
  • SPED
    Special Education
  • SPP
    State Performance Plan
  • SRS
    Student Record System (Special Education)
  • SRS
    Student Summary Attendance
  • SSA
    Social Security Administration
  • SSI
    State Scholars Initiative
  • SSI
    Supplemental Security Income
  • SSO
    Single Sign On
    School-based Teacher-led Assessment & Reporting System
  • STO
    Short Term Objective
  • SWA
    Statewide Writing Assessment
  • TA
    Technical Assistance
  • TANF
    Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • TAPP
    Technical Assistance to Parent Programs
  • TASH
    The Association for Persons with Severe
  • TBI
  • TEAC
    Teacher Education Accreditation Council
  • Tech Prep
    Traumatic Brain Injury
  • TP
    Articulation between secondary and postsecondary institutions
  • TTD or TTY
    Tech Prep
  • TWiiAA
    Telecommunication Device for Deaf/Teletype
  • UAP
    University Affiliated Programs- MMI in NE
  • Ul
    Unemployment Insurance
    Student Unique Identifier/NE Student ID
  • USDE
    United States Department of Education
  • VNA
    Visiting Nurses Association
  • VR
    Vocational Rehabilitation
  • VST
    Virtual Support Team
  • WBL
    Work Based Learning
  • WH
  • WIA
    Workforce Investment Act
  • WIC
    Women, Infants and Children -a MCHB program to assist with nutrition
  • WIKI
    Server Software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.
  • WISC
    Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
  • WWC
    What Works Clearinghouse
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