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StayConnected Health and Wellness Webinar Series

Health and Wellness

Marathon Kids - The Perfect Fit for Youth Activity and Family Engagement, Beth Nacke & Mariah Newmyer, 10/6/2022

October 6, 2022 – Marathon Kids-The Perfect Fit for Youth Activity and Family Engagement

Nebraska Extension Marathon Kids is an evidenced-based physical activity program that encourages youth to get and stay active by introducing them to the joys of running. Nebraska Extension has taken a unique approach to program implementation by providing community coach training sessions that empowers motivated adults to begin their own programs. We guide each coach step-by-step in creating, promoting, and recruiting for their run clubs. Coaches can come from inside or outside the school, but no matter their day job, we will provide all of the technical support needed to “run” a fantastic club.

Beth Nacke, Nebraska Extension, Registered Dietitian, Extension Educator,
Mariah Newmyer, Nebraska Extension, Extension Educator

Farm to School, Sarah Land, Kayte Partch and Sarah Smith, 6/2/2022

June 2, 2022 – Farm to Summer and Afterschool: Connecting to Gardens and Hands-On Learning

What happens to farm to school when school is out of session? Join us and learn about opportunities for students to engage in local foods and experiential education during Afterschool time and summer. Sarah Smith, NDE Farm to School Specialist, will describe expansion of Nebraska programs to support local foods education outside of the classroom. Kayte Partch, NDE Director of Child Nutrition Programs, will share tips for connecting students to free, nutritious summer meal programs across Nebraska. And Sarah Lane, Program Director at KidsGardening, will share exciting nature-based education lessons and activities. She’ll also share tips for accessing grants and funding garden development, and provide exciting information about how Afterschool program staff and garden educators can connect with each other in a national online community.

Kayte Partch, NDE Director of Child Nutrition Programs
Sarah Smith, NDE Farm to School Specialist
Sarah Lane, KidsGardening Program Director

Kids Gardening, Sarah Lane Presentation
Farm to Summer and Afterschool Handout
Nebraska Summer Meals Update
Questions or comments? Reach out to our new NS Program Specialist, Taylor Schorsch (, or Kayte Partch, NSLP and SFSP Director (

Supporting Health and Wellbeing, Jessie Coffey, 05/5/2022

May 5, 2022 Supporting Health and Wellbeing

Afterschool program personnel play a vital role in promoting mental health and well-being and identifying and responding to emerging anxiety and stress in children and adolescents. However, individuals in the education sector have often times not received the education, training, and/or ongoing support needed to respond in the afterschool setting. Learn about how the afterschool setting can assist with providing a safe and welcoming space, supportive of fostering socialemotional competencies. Sign up for this session to receive a kit of supplies to create your OWN calming corner in your afterschool program.

Jessie Coffey, The Whole Child, Nebraska Department of Education

Connecting Child Nutrition Programs to After School Programs, Kayte Partch & Sarah Smith, 11/18/2021

November 18, 2021 – Connecting Child Nutrition Programs to After School Programs

Participants will be able to identify opportunities to participate in USDA Child Nutrition Programs to support their after school (and summertime) programming for children & students. They’ll understand basic requirements for participation, and be able to identify how the programs offer experiential learning opportunities through Farm to School/Summer resources.

Kayte Partch, NDE – Director Child Nutrition Programs
Sarah Smith, NDE – Farm to School Specialist

Nebraska Extension Marathon Kids, Donnia Behrends & Beth Nacke, 05/06/2021

May 6, 2021 Nebraska Extension Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids is a national running program designed to motivate kids by utilizing running logs, boost their activity, and introduce them to the joy of running! When COVID-19 forced schools to transition to virtual learning in the spring of 2020, Nebraska Extension responded by launching a virtual running program to help families at home stay active in the midst of social distancing. In partnership with the Nebraska Nutrition Education Program and the NE Department of Education, Nebraska Extension is launching a new and improved FREE virtual running program starting May 1st, 2021! The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and physical activity is an important aspect of staying healthy in this midst of it all.

Donnia Behrends, Nebraska Extension, Educator
Beth Nacke, Nebraska Extension, Educator

SEL Support Afterschool, Carrie Lienemann & Angela Bear, 12/17/2020

December 17, 2020: SEL Support Afterschool

Expanded Learning Opportunity INNOVATION NETWORK – PowerPoint
Carrie Lienemann, Project Director, North Platte Kids Klub Afterschool Program
Angela Bear, SEL Coordinator, North Platte Kids Klub

Support for the Wellbeing of the Whole Child, Jessie Coffey, 8/20/2020

August 20, 2020 – Support for the Wellbeing of the Whole Child
Jessie Coffey, Nebraska Healthy Schools Program, Nebraska Department of Education

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that schools and afterschool programs are a key support system within communities across the state and play a critical role in supporting the wellbeing of the whole child.

This week’s StayConnected webinar will highlight the Nebraska Healthy Schools program CDC resources to help staff and students enforce healthy hygiene practices. Resources shared are “plug and play” tools  you can use immediately in your program, intended to support your district plans (whatever they may be). The evidence-based materials address multiple audiences and topics to promote a healthy school environment for staff and students as you start the school year.

Nebraska Healthy Schools Program / Back to School Resources
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Schools and Childcare Programs: Plan, Prepare, and Respond

5-4-3-2-1 Go!®: helping children and families make healthy choices, Claire Brown, 08/13/2020

August 13, 2020 – 5-4-3-2-1 Go!®: helping children and families make healthy choices
Claire Brown, Youth Wellness Coordinator, The Wellbeing Partners

During this session, Claire Brown—Youth Wellness Coordinator for The Wellbeing Partners—will introduce the 5-4-3-2-1 Go!® program. Participants will learn how this research based, evidence-proven program encourages children and families to make healthy choices for their bodies.  Claire will discuss the many ways that the program can be implemented and share free access to the program following the session.

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CLOCC’s COVID resources
TWP COVID resources
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Playing with Systems to Develop Social and Emotional Skills, Erin Ingram, 04/23/2020

April 23, 2020 –Playing with Systems to Develop Social and Emotional Skills
Erin Ingram, UNL Science Literacy Initiative

Social distancing has made for a strange spring season. Educators and students have been called upon to adapt and continue learning during uncertain times. In this presentation, we will explore an online tool called Loopy in which students draw and play with complex systems to better understand how they function. We will discuss ways this tool can be used to develop student awareness of themselves, others, and their communities in order to adopt positive behaviors and build resiliency
Playing with Systems and SEL
Systems Thinking and Science Literacy

GoNoodle: Good Energy At Home and Healthy Out of School Time Resources, Jessie Coffey, 04/16/2020

April 16, 2020 – GoNoodle: Good Energy At Home And Healthy Out of School Time Resources
Jessie Coffey, Nebraska Healthy Schools Program, Nebraska Department of Education

Learn about resources and tools available from national organizations to support health and well-being for staff working in summer and out of school programs to support children and families.  The webinar will provide an overview of FREE resources provided by; GoNoodle, CATCH Kids Club and Alliance for Healthier Generations.
Newsletter with resources (S’more)

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